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Date Video Title Category Script
12/31/11 Hypertension, Pre-hypertension & Stroke Neurology script
12/30/11 Keeping your Arteries Open with a Stent Cardiology script
12/29/11 Plasma Vaporization for Enlarged Prostate Men's Health script
12/28/11 Swallowing Therapy: A Feast to Remember Rehabilitation script
12/27/11 Children & Dog Bites Pediatrics script
12/26/11 Beating the Holiday Blues Mental Health script
12/25/11 Electronic Health Records Health Records script
12/24/11 2011: A Year in Cancer Breakthroughs Cancer script
12/23/11 Healthy Eating for a Diabetic Diabetes script
12/22/11 Holiday Allergies: Hidden Dangers for Kids Pediatrics script
12/21/11 Spine Surgery Fixes Collapsed Spine Neurology script
12/20/11 da Vinci for Endometriosis Surgery script
12/19/11 New Kidney, New Lease on Life Transplant script
12/18/11 Navigating Cancer Cancer script
12/17/11 Barefoot Kids Pediatrics script
12/16/11 Mini Stroke can Shorten Life Expectancy Neurology script
12/15/11 Avoiding the Holiday Heft Wellness script
12/14/11 Hernia Surgery: Elective or Emergent Surgery script
12/13/11 Burned Baby Helped at Wound Center Wound Center script
12/12/11 Ho Ho Holiday Back Pain Orthopedics script
12/11/11 Neighborhood Health Care: United Way Houses Community script
12/10/11 Living with Early Stage Memory Loss Neurology script
12/09/11 Stem Cells May Repair Broken Hearts Cardiology script
12/08/11 Kids and Cholesterol Pediatrics script
12/07/11 What Goes in, What Comes out in Hip Replacement Orthopedics script
12/06/11 Palliative Care Versus Hospice Awareness script
12/05/11 What Your Baby Sees Pediatrics script
12/04/11 New Era of Ankle Replacement Orthopedics script
12/03/11 Baby Sleep: Where Parents Go Wrong Pediatrics script
12/02/11 Catching Colorectal Cancer Cancer script
12/01/11 Whoa! It's Vertigo! Rehabilitation script
11/30/11 DaVinci Hysterectomy Women's Health script
11/29/11 Treating Female Incontinence Women's Health script
11/28/11 Stroke: The Teachable Moment Neurology script
11/27/11 Breast Clinic: Taking a Team Approach Cancer script
11/26/11 Autism Early Intervention Pediatrics script
11/25/11 Kidney Transplant Transplant script
11/24/11 Holding Off Holiday Pounds Wellness script
11/23/11 One Incision Gall Bladder Surgery script
11/22/11 Surgery Center Awareness script
11/21/11 Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow Orthopedics script
11/20/11 Stroke Support Group Neurology script
11/18/11 Flu Vaccine by the Numbers Prevention script
11/17/11 Tobacco Free Lee Awareness script
11/16/11 Bouncing Back with Hip Arthroscopy Orthopedics script
11/15/11 Using Pill Cams to Detect AVMs Gastroenterology script
11/14/11 Mastitis & New Moms Women's Health script
11/13/11 Strength & Balance Rehabilitation script
11/12/11 Understanding Sickle Cell Pediatrics script
11/11/11 Artificial Discs Neurosurgery script
11/10/11 Obesity Health Risks Wellness script
11/09/11 New Fertility Options: Freezing Eggs Women's Health script
11/08/11 Teens and Tanning Beds Cancer script
11/07/11 Oncoplasty & Reconstructive Breast Surgery Cancer script
11/05/11 Young Blood Donors Community script
11/04/11 Treating Veins With Vascular Surgery Vascular script
11/03/11 FSU Residents to Meet the Area's Need Awareness script
11/02/11 Cookie's Place Cancer script
11/01/11 PCA3 Prostate Test Cancer script
10/31/11 Healthy Food, Healthy Kids Pediatrics script
10/30/11 Focusing On Your Memory Neurology script
10/29/11 What Your Body is Saying About Your Health" Cardiology script
10/28/11 Childhood Cancer: Emotional and Financial Toll Cancer script
10/27/11 Just Like the Pros: Arthroscopic Shoulder Orthopedics script
10/26/11 Standing Desks: Giving Your Back a Break Awareness script
10/25/11 Embryo Donation Awareness script
10/24/11 Nipple Sparing Mastectomy Cancer script
10/23/11 Stroke Risk Factors Neurology script
10/22/11 Celiac on the Rise Awareness script
10/21/11 Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer Cancer script
10/20/11 Getting in Shape After Baby Wellness script
10/19/11 Is Your Phone Giving You Neck Arthritis? Orthopedics script
10/18/11 North Fort Myers United Way House Awareness script
10/17/11 Acupuncture for Chemo Pain Management script
10/16/11 Fountain of Youth Wellness script
10/15/11 Behavioral Healing Awareness script
10/14/11 All in the Hips Orthopedics script
10/13/11 4 Big Kid Sleep Problems Awareness script
10/12/11 Carpal Tunnel: Who Gets It?" Awareness script
10/11/11 Breast Cancer Clinic Cancer script
10/10/11 Coming Clean: Fighting Hospital Infections Prevention script
10/09/11 Asthma Doll Pediatrics script
10/08/11 Fixing the Pain in Your Brain Neurology script
10/07/11 Older Men and Prostate Cancer Cancer script
10/06/11 Baby Fat Pediatrics script
10/05/11 Conception After Cancer Cancer script
10/04/11 Post Knee Surgery: The Healing Begins Orthopedics script
10/03/11 Minorities & Diabetes Diabetes script
10/02/11 NICU Follow Up Clinic Pediatrics script
10/01/11 Silver Alert Gaining Speed Awareness script
09/30/11 Still Standing: The Modern Hip Replacement Orthopedics script
09/29/11 Baby Hemoglobin Blood script
09/28/11 Back on Solid Ground: Therapy for Vertigo Awareness script
09/27/11 Your Flu IQ Awareness script
09/26/11 Minimally Invasive Heart cardiology script
09/25/11 4 Tips in Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's Awareness script
09/24/11 Health Warning: Recognizing a Sports Concussion Awareness script
09/23/11 Metabolic Syndrome Awareness script
09/22/11 Osteoporosis Options Orthopedics script
09/21/11 Speedy Recovery from Colon Cancer Cancer script
09/20/11 Tummy Time Awareness script
09/19/11 Bilateral Knee Orthopedics script
09/18/11 Obesity & My Plate Diet / Nutrition script
09/17/11 All in the Family Disc Disease Orthopedics script
09/16/11 Post-Surgery: 93 year old Golfer Cardiology script
09/15/11 Coated Heart Stents Cardiology script
09/14/11 Childhood Leukemia Cancer script
09/13/11 New Drug for Lung Cancer Cancer script
09/12/11 This Year's Flu Shot Wellness script
09/10/11 Carotid Artery Disease Cardiology script
09/09/11 Candidates for Reverse Shoulder Orthopedics script
09/08/11 Greatest Generation Blood Donors Blood script
09/07/11 Shingles Vaccine Prevention script
09/06/11 Strengthening Your Bones Through Exercise Orthopedics script
09/05/11 Wet Stroke/Dry Stroke Neurology script
09/04/11 Winning at Fitness Wellness script
09/03/11 PSA: Sooner Rather than Later Awareness script
09/02/11 Container Syndrome Pediatrics script
09/01/11 Golfer's Elbow Awareness script
08/31/11 Belly Fat & Your Heart Wellness script
08/30/11 Second Impact Concussions Neurology script
08/29/11 Brown Bagging It Diet / Nutrition script
08/28/11 Science and Your Memory Neurology script
08/27/11 What is a Heart Stent? Cardiology script
08/26/11 Avoiding Car Seat Mistakes? Safety script
08/25/11 Preventing Falls in the Elderly Prevention script
08/24/11 Off the Feeding Tube Cancer script
08/23/11 Diabetes and Diet Diabetes script
08/22/11 Tracking Preemies Neonatalogy script
08/21/11 Barefoot Running Wellness script
08/20/11 Behavioral Health Wellness script
08/19/11 Angina in Women Cardiology script
08/18/11 LMHS Residency Program Physicians script
08/17/11 The Aging Diabetic Diabetes script
08/16/11 Case for Colonoscopy Gastroenterology script
08/15/11 Ankle Replacement Orthopedics script
08/14/11 Platelets: Ingredients for Healing Blood script
08/13/11 Challenges for Caregivers Support script
08/12/11 Children's Food Allergies Allergies script
08/11/11 TIA- The Mini Stroke Neurology script
08/10/11 The Age of Spinal Stenosis Neurology script
08/09/11 Diet Series: Restaurants and Your Diet Diet / Nutrition script
08/08/11 Cancer Navigators Cancer script
08/07/11 Undetected Diabetes Awareness script
08/06/11 Asthma in School Prevention script
08/05/11 Angina: The Red Flag Cardiology script
08/04/11 Golden Hour for Stroke Neurology script
08/03/11 Replacing your Joint Replacement Orthopedics script
08/02/11 Exercise in your Golden Years Wellness script
08/01/11 Osteopenia: The Warning Sign Orthopedics script
07/31/11 Chronic Pain Management Pain Management script
07/30/11 Children's Rehabilitation: Learning to Eat Pediatric Rehabilitation script
07/29/11 School Immunizations Wellness script
07/28/11 Blood Donation: For the Record Blood script
07/27/11 Diet Series: Gluten Free Pitfalls Diet script
07/26/11 Top 5 Killers Wellness script
07/25/11 Exercise in Early Alzheimer's Neurology script
07/24/11 Signs of a Sleep Disorder Neurology script
07/23/11 Bonding with Baby in the NICU Neonatalogy script
07/22/11 Blood for Chemo Cancer script
07/21/11 Thumbs up for Thumb Surgery Orthopedics script
07/20/11 Heart Healthy Diet Diet script
07/19/11 Osteoporosis Shot Orthopedics script
07/18/11 Powerful Tools for Caregivers Support script
07/17/11 Sun Exposure on Road Trips Prevention script
07/16/11 Children's Occupational Therapy is Catching Up Pediatric Rehabilitation script
07/15/11 Cancer Hope for the Future Cancer script
07/14/11 Heart Attacks in Teen Athletes Cardiac script
07/13/11 Seniors and Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Orthopedics script
07/12/11 Davinci Kidney Surgery Surgery script
07/11/11 Diabetes on the Rise Diabetes script
07/10/11 Trauma-One Step Care Trauma script
07/09/11 Autism & Asperger's: What's The Difference? Neurology script
07/08/11 Alzheimer's Screening Neurology script
07/07/11 Epic: Electronic Health Records Health Records script
07/06/11 BBQ Food Safety Prevention script
07/05/11 Celiac Disease Allergies script
07/04/11 Asthma and Smoke Neurology script
07/03/11 Sleep Disorders Mimic ADHD Neurology script
07/02/11 Avoiding Blood Clots On An Airplane Prevention script
07/01/11 PET Scans and CAT Scans Imaging script
06/30/11 Silver Alert Program: The Lost Alzheimer's Patient Neurology script
06/29/11 Orthopedics: The Teen ACL Pediatrics script
06/28/11 Summer Safe: Playing Smart with Sunscreen Safety script
06/27/11 Pregnancy: 39 Weeks Program OB/GYN script
06/26/11 What is a Stroke? Neurology script
06/25/11 Clinical Trials Offering New Hope For Cancer Patients Cancer script
06/24/11 Prostate Cancer: High Tech Options Cancer script
06/23/11 Multi-Tasking and Your Aging Brain Aging script
06/22/11 Learning to Speak Through Computers Rehabilitation script
06/21/11 Lumbar Spine Implants Neurology script
06/20/11 Screening for the Signs of Autism Pediatric Neurology script
06/19/11 Adult Immunization Wellness script
06/18/11 Pediatric Narcolepsy Pediatric Neurology script
06/17/11 Cancer Survivor - Swallowing Therapy Cancer script
06/15/11 da Vinci Prostate Cancer and Kidney Surgery Surgery script
06/14/11 Asthma 101 Pulmonary script
06/13/11 A Helping Hand With Occupational Therapy Pediatric Rehabilitation script
06/12/11 Healthy Living: Health Screenings in Your 60s Wellness script
06/11/11 Putting Balance in your Life Aging script
06/10/11 How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Pediatrics script
06/09/11 Children's Physical Therapy: Hi Tech Solutions Rehabilitation script
06/08/11 Health Screenings in Your 40s Wellness script
06/07/11 Neurosurgery: Trigeminal Neuralgia (Face Pain) Neurology script
06/06/11 Summer Safe: Choosing a Camp Safety script
06/05/11 What to Do if Someone Has a Seizure Neurology script
06/04/11 Hyperbaric Healing: Wound Care Solutions Outpatient script
06/03/11 Heart Tests You Should Know Cardiology script
06/02/11 Living With Lymphedema Cancer script
06/01/11 Children with Asthma Pediatrics script
05/31/11 Exercises At Your Desk Wellness script
05/30/11 Baby Boomers and Back Pain Neurology script
05/29/11 New Medical Clinic Helps Patients Avoid ER Facility script
05/28/11 Life After A Stroke Neurology script
05/27/11 Testing Teen Hearts Pediatrics script
05/26/11 Understanding Lymphedema Cancer script
05/25/11 Reversing Shoulder Pain Orthopedics script
05/24/11 Hyperbaric Chamber- Carbon Monoxide Detox Outpatient script
05/23/11 Memory Spa Neurology script
05/22/11 TRX for Wellness Wellness script
05/21/11 Lowering Your Chance of Diabetes Diabetes script
05/20/11 Lowering Infection Rates in Hospitals Prevention script
05/19/11 Fluoroscopy: Low-dose X-Ray to Diagnose Pain Source Neurology script
05/18/11 Preventing Reoccurring Strokes Neurology script
05/17/11 The Healing Power of Immunotherapy to Fight Cancer Cancer script
05/16/11 Lee Physician Group, United Way Dunbar House Facility script
05/15/11 Balance Clinic-Saving you a Trip Neurology script
05/14/11 Diagnosing Sleep Disorders in the Lab Neurology script
05/13/11 Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement Orthopedics script
05/12/11 Hot Cars Are Silent Killers Safety script
05/11/11 Comfort Kits Helping Trauma Families Trauma script
05/10/11 Living With Diabetes Diabetes script
05/09/11 A Good Night's Sleep Neurology script
05/08/11 Drowning Prevention Safety script
05/07/11 Getting in Shape without Injury Wellness script
05/06/11 Car Seat Safety Wellness script
05/05/11 On Your Mark Wellness script
05/04/11 He's a Survivor Patient Story script
05/03/11 NICU Reunion Neonatalogy script
05/02/11 Weight Loss or Bust Diet script
05/01/11 Beating Back Pain with Interventional Treatments Orthopedics script
04/30/11 Atrial Fibrillation Warning for Diabetics Diabetes script
04/29/11 Pain Fighters Wellness script
04/28/11 Balancing Act: Your Body in Motion Wellness script
04/27/11 Pros and Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy Women's Health script
04/26/11 Pediatric Obesity Problems Pediatrics script
04/25/11 Knowing the Signs of Alzheimer's Disease Neurology script
04/24/11 Inside a Rotator Cuff Tear Orthopedics script
04/23/11 Costly Diagnosis: Diabetes Diabetes script
04/22/11 Robotic Treatments for Gynecologic Problems Women's Health script
04/21/11 The Hefty Price of Obesity Diet script
04/20/11 Deciphering Breast Cancer Myths and Facts Cancer script
04/19/11 Conquer Your Cough Wellness script
04/18/11 Varicose Veins: Under the Surface Vascular script
04/17/11 Pregnancy Strengthening Women's Health script
04/16/11 Weight Loss Surgery for Teens Pediatrics script
04/15/11 Help for High Risk Heart Patients Cardiac script
04/14/11 Pain Signals Pain script
04/13/11 Reduce Your Risk of PAD Prevention script
04/12/11 Time to Get Healthy Wellness script
04/11/11 Sharing Through SHARE Club Support script
04/10/11 Child Eating Disorders, Part 2 Pediatrics script
04/09/11 Child Eating Disorders, Part 1 Pediatrics script
04/08/11 Receptors in Breast Cancer Cancer script
04/07/11 Boomeritis Wellness script
04/06/11 Easing Breast Cancer Anxiety Cancer script
04/04/11 Exercising Your Balance Wellness script
04/03/11 HRT Controversy Women's Health script
04/02/11 Undetected Diabetes Diabetes script
04/01/11 Taking a Stand Against Sitting Wellness script
03/31/11 Candidate for Robotic Surgery Surgery script
03/30/11 Preventative Medicine Plan Prevention script
03/29/11 Signs of a Seizure Neurology script
03/28/11 Changes in Colon Cancer Cancer script
03/27/11 Health Warning: Post Menopausal Bleeding Women's Health script
03/26/11 Your Body in Balance Wellness script
03/25/11 On Alert for Diabetes Diabetes script
03/24/11 Know the Signs: Dementia Neurology script
03/23/11 Evaluating Endometriosis Women's Health script
03/22/11 Weight Loss Secrets Wellness script
03/21/11 New Injection Treatment for Dupytrens Hand script
03/20/11 Scoping for Pancreatic Cysts Gastroenterology script
03/19/11 New Treatments for COPD Pulmonary script
03/18/11 5-2-1-0 Plan For Avoiding Childhood Obesity Wellness script
03/17/11 Have a Colon Conversation With Your Doctor Gastroenterology script
03/16/11 Managing Diabetes Diabetes script
03/15/11 Paging the daVinci Surgical Robot Surgery script
03/14/11 Physical Therapy Boost Rehabilitation script
03/13/11 The Importance of Breast Self Exams Women's Health script
03/12/11 Diagnosing Pain Wellness script
03/11/11 Know the Symptoms: Kidney Disease Nephrology script
03/10/11 Strep Throat vs Sore Throat Wellness script
03/09/11 Fighting Cancer with Exercise Cancer script
03/08/11 Serving Up Nutritious Meals Nutrition script
03/07/11 MRSA: Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infection Infectious Disease script
03/06/11 Personalized Hospital Care Wellness script
03/05/11 Stages of Colon Cancer Cancer script
03/04/11 On Point with Palliative Care Palliative Care script
03/03/11 Endometriosis: Top Three Pain Symptoms Women's Health script
03/02/11 Exercise Excuses Wellness script
03/01/11 Pertusis: Protecting Yourself From Whooping Cough Infectious Disease script
02/28/11 Prostate Cancer Drug Cost Concerns Cancer script
02/27/11 First Aid: Cardiac Arrest Cardiac script
02/26/11 Kick the Habit: Reduce Breast Cancer Risk Wellness script
02/25/11 Weighty Issue: Kids on Cholesterol Medication Wellness script
02/24/11 Anatomy of the da Vinci Robot Surgery script
02/23/11 Remedy for Kids with Stomach Flu Wellness script
02/22/11 On Par with Cardiac Care Cardiac script
02/21/11 Treating Migraines Neurology script
02/20/11 Ovarian Cancer Markers Cancer script
02/19/11 Diagnosing Heart Problems Cardiac script
02/18/11 Diabetes and Heart Disease Diabetes script
02/17/11 Social Checkup for Kids Wellness script
02/16/11 Back Pain Orthopedics script
02/15/11 Get Moving with Pulmonary Rehab Rehabilitation script
02/14/11 Matters of the Heart Cardiac script
02/13/11 Resetting Your Heart's Rhythm Cardiac script
02/12/11 Future of Prostate Cancer Care Cancer script
02/11/11 Take Charge of Your Cardiac Health Cardiac script
02/10/11 Belly Button Hysterectomies Women's Health script
02/09/11 Heart Disease Warning Cardiac script
02/08/11 Wean off the Screen Wellness script
02/07/11 Allergy Headaches Neurology script
02/06/11 On the Ball with Physical Therapy Rehabilitation script
02/05/11 Testing for Alzheimer's Disease Neurology script
02/04/11 Go Red for Women Women's Health script
02/03/11 Customized Wheelchairs Medical Equipment script
02/02/11 Heavy Hearts: Childhood Obesity Pediatrics script
02/01/11 Benefits of Robotic Heart Surgery Surgery script
01/31/11 Keys to Healthy Aging Wellness script
01/30/11 Early Onset Puberty in Girls Pediatrics script
01/29/11 Cervical Cancer Treatment Cancer script
01/28/11 Pediatric Cholesterol Screenings Pediatrics script
01/27/11 Thyroid Awareness Awareness script
01/26/11 Intrathecal Pain Pump Wellness script
01/25/11 Is Your Weight Normal? Diet script
01/24/11 Diagnosing Pediatric Feeding Disorders Pediatrics script
01/23/11 Target Therapy vs. Traditional Chemo Cancer script
01/22/11 Transient Synovitis Pediatrics script
01/21/11 Silent Heart Attacks Cardiac script
01/20/11 Types of Headaches Neurology script
01/19/11 Psoriatic Skin Lesions Dermatology script
01/18/11 Keeping the Flu Away Wellness script
01/17/11 Physical Therapy for Pregnancy Rehabilitation script
01/16/11 Robotic Cardiac Procedures Cardiac script
01/15/11 Radiation Therapy: Better Care in Less Time Cancer script
01/14/11 Cervical Cancer Awareness Cancer script
01/13/11 Considering Weight Loss Surgery? Wellness script
01/12/11 Keeping Pace with Pacemakers Cardiac script
01/11/11 Strides in Breast Cancer Research Cancer script
01/10/11 Understanding Crohn's Disease Gastroenterology script
01/09/11 Stroke Education Neurology script
01/08/11 Breath of Life for Pulmonary Patients Pulmonary script
01/07/11 National Blood Donor Month Awareness script
01/06/11 Medicating with Tai Chi Wellness script
01/05/11 Staying Balanced Wellness script
01/04/11 Kidney Infections Nephrology script
01/03/11 Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation Cardiac script
01/02/11 Successful New Years Resolutions Wellness script
01/01/11 Personalized Exercise Plan Wellness script

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