Convenient Care Clinics Add Just the Right Dose: February 10, 2014

Somewhere between a visit to the doctor’s office or the emergency room sits the convenient care, or walk-in clinic. Now more than ever these settings are providing the right dose of medicine for patients.

“We get our winter people a lot down here, they don’t have local physicians, they’re only here three months. So we see a lot of that. A lot of the primary care docs here are so busy right now that they don’t have time to see a patient and so they’ll send them here,” says Dr. Karen Calkins, emergency medicine physician with Lee Memorial Health System.

Lee Memorial Health System recently opened its third location across from HealthPark Medical Center to keep up with demand for services and keep people from making unnecessary trips to the ER.

“Sometimes it’s hard for people to realize which place to go to but certainly if they came here and needed to go to the ER we’re close by. And for the patients it’s certainly less expensive,” says Dr. Calkins.

Convenient Care takes office visits a step further, helping patients who need it. Whether it’s an x-ray or stitches, they’re here to help.

“One of the great things about this new office - we do have procedure rooms. These are where those injuries we were talking about - people who fell, the little kid who falls and cracks their chin and needs stitches - we can do all of these things here,” says Brittany Garrett, RN.

The clinic also has its own radiology department.

“For those bumps, bruises; our doctors can taken look at those make sure nothing is broken. If things are broken we do have the capabilities here of putting on what’s called hard splint which same thing they would do at the ER,” says Garrett.

No substitute for having an established family doctor, Convenient Care clinics help people through acute illness or injury.

“Our ultimate goal is to try and get people in and out as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Calkins.

A growing trend is providing solutions for the unexpected.