Convenient Kid’s Care: April 4, 2014

As any parent or caregiver knows, it’s hard to get kids on a schedule. It holds true when it comes to getting hurt or sick. When the doctor’s office is closed, this may be your destination of choice.

“Scope-wise we do all ages from kids to elderly. We have more than 20 exam rooms right now along with three procedure rooms which can really handle quite a big volume,” says Dr. Karen Calkins who practices in one of Lee Memorial Health System’s Convenient Care clinics.

Just across from HealthPark Medical Center sits the newest clinic. In the design, nothing was left to chance.

“This is one of the pediatric rooms,” registered nurse Brittany Garrett points out during a recent tour.

A kid-friendly environment reflects the trend that a lot of pediatric patients are seen as walk-ins.

“Because either they're not quite sick enough to go to the ER but it's a sick visit and their pediatrician couldn’t see them for a few days,” Garrett explains. “So we’re the perfect opportunity to get those kids seen without a huge waiting time.”

Kids are less likely to have chronic health issues, so many of their problems call for same day care. That includes bumps, cuts and other injuries. Part of the convenience here, is that they can walk in and get the treatment they need - in one place.

“Down here is for the radiology department. Our doctors can make sure nothing is broken. If things are broken we have the capabilities of putting on what’s called hard splint,” says Garrett.

Should someone need stitches, the clinic is set up for suturing, something many doctor’s offices don’t do anymore. Adding one more convenience for parents.

“We’re really trying to get people in and out as fast as we can,” says Dr. Calkins.

Open weekends and most holidays- it’s a one-stop shop for even the youngest patient.