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We are a team comprised of more than 10,150 employees, 1,200 physicians and 4,500 volunteers and auxilians. Together, we work to perform small and large miracles every day and night on behalf of our patients and their families. Our health system is defined by the high-quality, respectful, compassionate care we provide. Cody Barnett, a Transporter at Cape Coral Hospital, exemplifies this commitment through his daily actions.

"Cody is a consistently nice guy," says Lynda Knox, Radiology Director at Cape Coral Hospital. "I hear and see his interactions with patients and staff and he always exhibits kindness, concern for patient comfort and professional behavior. Cody always goes the extra mile to communicate with his patients—whether through kind words or an encouraging pat on the arm."

Kim Mitchell, Supervisor of Housekeeping and Transport, is Cody's manager. "I have received a lot of great feedback from patients, visitors and other employees and supervisors," Kim shares. "People notice Cody because he does what he can to help others. He treats everyone with compassion, but I think the sicker the patient, the better he treats them."

Cody began working at Cape Coral Hospital in April 2009. "I feel like it is a privilege to have a job, and I enjoy mine," Cody explains. "I was raised to be kind and compassionate, and I do not judge others. I just always try my best to be nice, console the patients if they are upset and ask them a lot of questions to make sure they are comfortable. I learned from a good transporter—Amy Fritsche. She taught me that it is OK to take my time with the patients."

"Cody could easily have the attitude of 'push the patient, give the chart and walk away,'" Lynda adds. "But, he doesn't. He exemplifies the Lee Memorial Health System Standards of Behavior, and I am proud that we are on the same team."

Every employee—from the frontline critical care staff to those who work behind the scenes—is vital to our success. Every person on our team is important and appreciated. Thank you for being caring people, caring for people.



Jim Nathan
President, Lee Memorial Health System


Jim Nathan,
LMHS President

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