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Cape Coral Hospital Gears Up for Epic

On Dec. 1, Cape Coral Hospital will convert to Epic, Lee Memorial Health System’s electronic health record (EHR) system. With this implementation, the team at Cape Coral Hospital will join the ranks of nurses, physicians and staff of Lee Physician Group, Lee Convenient Care, the entire Gulf Coast Medical Center and all four Lee Memorial Health System emergency departments who are benefitting from the access, safety and power of Epic EHR.

This is an exciting time for Lee Memorial Health System.

EHRs are a vital part of the future of health care delivery—allowing the secure sharing of information and enabling us to deliver high quality patient care in a more coordinated and efficient manner. EHRs facilitate better collaboration and communication among physicians and other key caregivers enhancing patient safety and allowing real-time documentation of tests, diagnoses and notes.

For our patients, EHRs mean a lot more than just the elimination of duplicate paperwork and testing. The Epic EHR provides the capability for a patients’ health record to ‘follow’ them from appointment to appointment, primary care physician to specialist to outpatient facility, emergency department to hospital. Thus, patient records will provide a seamless history of every illness, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Too often, patients and their families have to manage records, compile notes and attempt to translate their health care to the next provider they see. With Epic EHR and just a few keystrokes, lab and imaging results, prescription details and all pertinent information is available for the medical team.

Soon all of the hospitals and affiliate care settings of Lee Memorial Health System will be implementing the Epic EHR system, ensuring that your health record is immediately accessible no matter which of our facilities you use.

“Converting to EHRs is a significant change,” says Mike Smith, chief information officer. “But, the change is also an important step toward delivering more coordinated and clinically effective care. Epic is the premier health system and large medical group EHR in the nation. Lee Memorial Health System joins other leading facilities—including Johns Hopkins, Kaiser Permanente and Cleveland Clinic—in implementing Epic. Our implementation team is excited for Dec. 1 and we are working diligently to ensure a smooth transition.”

From managing issues, coordinating and training staff and installing the program, implementing Epic has been and continues to be a huge undertaking and requires support and resources from throughout the health system. Our Information Systems team, along with hundreds of staff and physicians, have been working tirelessly. Their hard work is paying off again as we launch Epic at Cape Coral Hospital and prepare for HealthPark Medical Center, Lee Memorial Hospital and our outpatient centers to go-live early next summer.

We know some of our patients may feel unsure about this new technology. For those who are concerned, please rest assured that your information is protected, secured by sophisticated password mechanisms and firewalls. In addition, a backup system will update daily in case of a system crash. Most importantly, we want our patients and the community to know that this technology is a vital step in our commitment to ensuring the safest, most efficient care.

With the ongoing conversion to Epic throughout Lee Memorial Health System, health care in Lee County is taking substantial steps toward the future and the ultimate goal of ‘one patient, one record.’



Jim Nathan
President, Lee Memorial Health System


Jim Nathan,
LMHS President

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