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When to Call for Help

Call the Lactation Consultant if:

  • You do not feel that breastfeeding is going well.
  • Your breasts are engorged.
  • Your baby is five days old and you do not think that your mature milk has come in yet.
  • It is difficult to get your baby to attach to your breast.
  • Your baby cries and/or sleeps at the breast and does not nurse for more than a few sucks.
  • Your breasts or your nipples hurt.
  • Your baby is four days old and does not have three or more bowel movements each 24 hours.
  • Your baby is four days old and does not have seven to eight wet diapers each 24 hours.
  • Your baby has had a weight check and is not gaining well.
  • Your baby is not calm, happy and sleepy after feedings.
  • You feel you need to give your baby something more than your milk.
  • Your baby sleeps most of the time. You think your baby would rather sleep than eat.
  • You plan to return to work or school. (Call for an appointment two weeks before you plan to return to work or school).
  • Supplementation has been ordered by your physician.
  • You have any questions about breastfeeding.

Call Lee Memorial Health System
Lactation Office at 343-5186


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