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Reasons to Donate Blood at Lee Memorial Blood Centers

  • Giving Blood is Safe.  Donating blood is a safe process.  Needles and bags used to collect blood are used only once and discarded, which makes spread of infection to the donor not possible.

  • Giving Blood is Easy.  Following registration, you will answer simple medical history questions and receive a mini-physical. You will then be seated in a comfortable chair, while you donate.

  • Giving Blood is Fast. The entire life-saving process takes approximately 45 minutes. The actual donation time is only 5-10 minutes.

  • Giving Blood Saves Lives. Whole blood donations are processed into a variety of blood components. Each donation can save the life of a person - with leukemia, cancer, anemia and those undergoing surgery for illness or injury. Your donation will help ensure an adequate supply for both children and adults who are patients within Lee Memorial Health System.

  • Giving Blood Helps Your Community.  All blood donated stays to help the patients within Lee Memorial Health System.

Questions about donating - call Lee Memorial Blood Center at 343-2333.


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