Customizing Your Calendar

A single calendar consists of an event database and a calendar configuration file. The calendar configuration file contains all the options that have been set using the Edit Calendar screen. It also contains options that are set when one changes or resets the calendar template. Additionally it contains configuration items that you may edit by hand.

This help page describes every configuration item in detail. See these notes for help in editing these options.

Editing the Configuration by Hand

Each calendar stores its data and configuration files in a separate subfolder under the ./data/calweb folder on your server (except the first calendar which stores itself in that folder).

The configuration file (called calweb.ini) is broken into groups of related options. Each section or group is demarcated from the rest of the file by a start bracket '[' and an end bracket ']'. This bracketed text is called the group header. Under each group header the various options for that group are stored.

The group header takes the form:


Options take the form:


To modify an option, change its value and save the configuration file.

    Note: Please review the help page describing the various visual aspects of the calendar which may aid in understanding the following options.

Each group is described below followed by a detailed list of the options and valid values for that group.

    Note: As is true of all configuration files lines starting with the character ';' are comments and are ignored.
    In the following table:
    (Bool) means the item takes on values of '0 (FALSE)' or '1 (TRUE)'
    (Number n-m) means the item takes on values from n-m inclusive
    (String) means the value is read literally from the file
    (Color) means the value is an HTML color triple or color name
    (Image) is a string to which image_base is added if it is not a fully resolved path.

    Items in [brackets and italics] denote the default value in a list of choices.

    Very Important Note: the value of each option must be on a single line. If the value does span more than a single line the portions on the second and subsequent lines will be ignored.
  • A good way to edit these options is to open the calweb.ini file in an editor (such as notepad). Make changes and save them without closing the editor. In a separate window open the browser to the calendar program. After each change hit the reload button on the browser to view the effect of your changes. Experiment with the options to learn what they do.

  • Certain options in this file are NOT preserved when you change or reset the template.

  • Each calendar has its own configuration file. These files are all called calweb.ini and reside in the same folder as the calendar's event database. This folder is called the Calendar folder and is described on the Installation Information help page.