Planner View Types

The Day Planner, Week Planner and Month Planner are identical except that each displays events only from a certain time period. The Year Planner is similar but displays twelve monthly calendars at a time.

Each day in the planner view type is displayed down the left-hand side of the screen under the 'Date' column. For the Week and Month planners you may follow these links to a Day Planner calendar.  The Day Planner links to the Day List View.

Along the top of the planner calendar are the hours of the day (see notes).

Each box in the planner grid containing one or more events (that is, some portion of an event's duration overlaps the period of the box) is displayed in 'hasEvents' color. In this way you can see exactly when there is free time and exactly when there is not.

If you are logged in, empty cells in the planner view take on additional meaning: clicking on the cell will allow you to schedule an event at that time period,

You may customize the display of each event in this view using Event Display String.