Cardiology Overview

Patient Focused Cardiac Care

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States with five million Americans visiting hospitals each year with chest pain and 1.1 million people suffering heart attacks.

At Lee Memorial Health System, we are committed to providing the services you need to keep your heart healthy—from wellness and community education programs to diagnostics, interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, specialized hospital care and rehabilitation services.

Our world-class cardiac facilities, accredited Chest Pain Center and dedicated team of cardiac specialists work together to accomplish one goal—providing you with the best cardiac care possible, without having to leave Southwest Florida.

Immediate care and prompt diagnosis and treatment can make a critical difference. At Lee Memorial Health System we have emergency cardiac care available 24 hours a day at three of convenient locations: HealthPark Medical Center, Gulf Coast Medical Center and Cape Coral Hospital.

Top tier emergency heart care at HealthPark Medical Center is the focus of the Emergency Department's dedicated 16-bed cardiac care unit. As part of the comprehensive care provided through the Chest Pain Center, the emergency department cardiac team can efficiently "fast track" heart patients from the moment emergency medical personnel are contacted, through diagnosis and interventional procedures once the patient arrives. The faster patients can receive the right diagnosis and begin treatment to reverse the affects of a heart attack, the better the outcome for the patient.

Comprehensive diagnosis and interventional services for patients experiencing chest pain and possible heart attack also are available at Gulf Coast Medical Center. The very latest technology and treatment is available to treat heart patients requiring emergency care at Gulf Coast Medical Center.

For residents of Cape Coral and surrounding areas, Cape Coral Hospital provides emergency diagnostic heart care for patients. Once stabilized, if interventional care if required, patients are transferred to HealthPark Medical Center or Gulf Coast Medical Center for further treatment.

When seconds count, you can count on Lee Memorial Health System to take your care to heart.

The cardiologists of Lee Memorial Health System provide state-of-the-art tests and procedures to assist in accurate diagnosis and planning of treatment.
We listen carefully to our patients' concerns and try to devise the very best evaluation and treatment plans for each individual. With more than 60 cardiologists, cardiac surgeons affiliated with Lee Memorial Health System, we provide the highest quality cardiac care services for the people of Southwest Florida, including:

Cardiovascular care is at the heart of what we do, and it's just one reason why so many families trust us to care for their loved ones.

Key Facts

  • Fully accredited Chest Pain Center, designated by the Society of Chest Pain Centers. Currently, there are less than 400 accredited chest pain centers in the country, only representing 10 percent of United States hospitals.
  • Southwest Florida's most experienced Board Certified heart surgeons, with a combined 85 years of service.
  • Busiest cardiac da Vinci robotic surgery program in Southwest Florida, performing 30 percent of all cardiac surgeries with this minimally invasive approach.
  • The most comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program, which has served more than 16,300 people.
  • Most advanced 64-slice computed tomography (CT) technology which creates high-resolution, three-dimensional views of the heart and surrounding arteries.
  • Exceeds The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association national guidelines for "Door-to-Balloon" time, (Time from when a patient enters the emergency room until the angioplasty balloon is inserted.) The lower the "door-to-balloon" time, the better the patient's outcome ... because every minute matters.

Cardiology Patient Stories

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