Jill Coffey's Story

Multiple Health Services In One Convenient Place

Childhood Injury Led to Adult Problems

When she was hit by a car at age 15, Jill Coffey did not know that, years later, the accident would have a dramatic impact on her life. The impact broke two bones in her right leg, and although her wounds healed, the injury interrupted the growth plate. When she reached adulthood, her left leg was almost ¾ inch longer than her right leg. The difference in the length of her legs left Jill's body off-balance, which then led to other problems.

"Overcompensating for the shortness of my right leg left me with back problems," Jill says. "I had surgery to help alleviate the nerve pain and a herniated disk, but the back pain was debilitating."

A visit with her physician, Patricia Daneshmand, D.O., at the Outpatient Center at The Sanctuary, led to physical therapy. Fortunately, the physical therapy services were available at the same location as Dr. Daneshmand's office.

All in One Place

Jill started attending regular sessions with physical therapist, Tom Reid, and physical therapy assistant, Chad Pfeiffer.

"After twelve weeks, I am stronger and healthier," Jill says. "I am more functional. My back and ankle are doing better, and I am managing much better now than I was before."

Tom helps many people who come to the Outpatient Center at The Sanctuary to see one health care professional, and then find they can benefit from more health services available at this location. "Almost 70 percent of the people we see take advantage of the multiple services offered here." Tom says.

Having so many health professionals in one location benefits the patient and the health care professional, Tom says. "It is really nice to have the opportunity to just go across the hall to discuss patient findings, and potentially request any changes to the care of patients referred to us from our Spine Center. We also have access to patient X-rays and MRIs taken in this building, so instead of having to call an office building's medical records division, we can just have radiology send the records up to us in a matter of minutes."

Convenient Care

For Jill, having her primary care physician and physical therapy services in one location meant less time in the car, driving from one appointment to the next.

"I know I can get all the services I need here," Jill says. With on-site lab services, nuclear diagnostics, a spine center, breast health center and day surgery, the Outpatient Center at The Sanctuary offers many health care needs in one convenient location.

"I will always try to come here first, because it's close to my house," Jill says. "If I can get something done here, I don't see the need to go anywhere else."

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