Pat Darcy's Story

No pain. No cane.

Living With Pain

For years, Pat Darcy lived with pain in her hips and back, but a demanding work schedule and a large family prevented her from taking action.

Years later, when the pain hampered her ability to sleep through the night, and a walk from the garage to the house became almost impossible, she knew she had to seek the help of a skilled surgeon.

Living A Full Life

Charles Springer, M.D., recommended a double hip replacement. Pat had her right hip replaced in 2005, followed by her left hip a year later. After surgery, Pat returned to her active schedule, and now makes time to go to the gym five days a week. Instead of pain and stiffness, she looks forward to her next mile on the treadmill or talking to her friends in her fitness classes.

"Before, my back bothered me and I was in the house all the time," Pat says. "There were so many things I couldn't do. Now, I could walk from here to Naples if I wanted to."

Living without pain has given Pat a reason to look to the future. "I can do anything," she says.

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