Ron Tyre's Story

Shoulder surgery restored my swing

The Injury

A weekend with friends turned painful when Ronald Tyre dove off of a dock and injuried his shoulder. A trip to the nearest emergency room helped alleviate the immediate pain, but Tyre had dislocated his shoulder and tore his rotator cuff, requiring surgery.

The Results

John Mehalik, M.D., repaired the damage through the use of arthroscopic surgery.

"Since there is less trauma, the surgery hurts less and facilitates a more rapid recovery," Dr. Mehalik says.

Ron was pleased with the results of the surgery, but did not get everything he wanted. An avid golfer, the surgery helped Ron get back to the game he loves.

"I'm just disappointed about one thing," he says, laughing. "I wanted him to add 15 yards to my drive."

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