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Welcome to CarePages

Please click on the image to access the Care pages web site
Please click on the image to access the Care pages web site

Lee Memorial Health System and have teamed up to help you use the Web to communicate with your loved ones who are hospitalized.

Our free service lets you set up a unique Web page for yourself, family or friends who are hospitalized. By using a CarePage, you can:

  • Post and receive news updates - concerned family members and friends can access the most recent news about the patient.
  • Post and receive messages - loved ones may leave messages at anytime, from anywhere, in a way that provides support and isnít a burden.
  • Share patient information - the personal and secure CarePage contains important contact information and healthcare facility visiting hours.
  • Post photos Ė create a photo gallery to share photos with friends and family.

At no time does Lee Memorial Health System divulge or provide any patient information for the purposes of this service.


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