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Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida:
Prescribed Pediatric

Extended Care Center (PPEC)

Special Care for Special Kids

Our Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Center provides an array of services for children with special medical needs. Services include day healthcare, developmental planning and interventions, therapies, case management, and parent support and education.

Our staff of nurses and pediatric professionals works directly with pediatricians, therapists, social workers, developmental specialists, teachers, pediatric sub-specialists and dieticians to provide special-needs children comprehensive medical care. The staff is trained to identify and treat acute illnesses or chronic conditions in order to avert possible hospitalization and interruption in the child’s treatment program.

Transportation services are available for eligible children, making it easier for parents to go to work or take an ill child’s siblings to school each day.

The Loving Touch

Our PPEC Center is a friendly and nurturing place for children who require health-focused care and therapy services during the day. Children also receive the benefits of socialization and peer stimulation, which is a unique advantage to this type of program.

Parents benefit as well by having the peace of mind that their children are receiving tender loving care when they are not at home.

Help for Families

Treatment options, however, are not limited to hospital visits. Today’s advances in medical technology are allowing more and more children to be cared for outside the traditional hospital and medical facilities. But this also has created a new dilemma for many families: providing complex day-to-day care for a child with special medical needs.

The PPEC Center can help families with this challenge by caring for children in a cheerful, non-institutional setting where both child and family receive the care and emotional support they need to enjoy as normal a family life as possible.

Quality Care Assurance

Licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the PPEC Center is adjacent to the hospital and pediatric specialists, ensuring that the best pediatric medical care is easily accessible.

Special Care is Just a Phone Call Away

Please call our Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center at 239-343-6590, and we will contact your physician to initiate the process for admission.


PPEC: (239) 985-3580

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