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Outpatient Program

The Diabetes education outpatient program is designed to give you the education tools needed to promote a healthier lifestyle, improve your blood sugar control, and ultimately decrease your risk of diabetes complications.

Lee Diabetes Care offers a variety of outpatient education programs designed to meet your individual needs. Our most comprehensive program consists of 10 hours of education followed by quarterly individual follow-up. Lee Diabetes Care also offers a Pregnancy and Diabetes education program, a pre-diabetes education class, and individual consultations. All education programs are physician referred. To be referred into one of our programs, it’s easy! Just ask your physician for the referral and their office will take it from there.

Comprehensive Diabetes Education Program

A 10 hour comprehensive course taught several times a month by our diabetes educators. Classes are held at Lee Memorial Hospital, Cape Coral Hospital, HealthPark Medical Center, and Gulf Coast Medical Center. We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes. The key patient education topics taught during our comprehensive education program are as follows:

  • Nutrition

  • Blood glucose management

  • Physical activity

  • Medications

  • Complications

  • Behavior Change

Once you complete the 10 hour program, our diabetes educators will meet with you quarterly to track your progress and assist you with any diabetes management concerns that you have.

This program is a covered benefit of Medicare (certain criteria apply. Additionally, most HMO, PPO and commercial insurances will cover the cost as well.

Pregnancy and Diabetes Program

If you have diabetes and become pregnant or are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, our diabetes educator team is ready to provide you with the tools needed to control your blood sugars throughout the pregnancy. Good blood sugar control is essential for the health of you and your unborn baby. The Gestational Diabetes program consists of a 2 hour initial class in which we will instruct you on how to follow a healthy meal plan, test your blood sugars and take any diabetes medication prescribed by your physician. This class has frequent telephonic follow-up after class to assess your progress in managing your diabetes during the pregnancy.

Pre Diabetes Class

Did you know that even with mildly elevated blood sugars, you are at an increased risk for heart disease? If your doctor has told you that you have Pre Diabetes or “borderline” diabetes, this class is for you! During this one hour class, our diabetes educators will teach you the lifestyle changes necessary to normalize your blood sugars and decrease your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Individual Consultation

Perhaps you have already completed a comprehensive diabetes education program, but you need more education with one particular aspect of diabetes management. Whether it is an insulin training, meal plan review, or assistance with blood glucose monitoring, our team of outpatient diabetes educators will provide you with this needed individual instruction.

Let us help you manage your diabetes. Call 239-424-3120 or click here to email us.


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