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Berne Davis

Berne Davis was born in Hamilton County, right on the Georgia line 93 years ago. Her gracious manner and love of the garden has made her one of the most special treasures of our community.Berne Davis

A devoted wife and long-time philanthropist, Berne is passionate about gardening and the nurturing that it brings.

We were deeply touched when Berne decided to bring her passion in life to the cancer patients of Lee Memorial Health System. Scheduled to open in December of 2008, her gift of a healing garden to the new Lee Cancer Center is truly a gift from the heart. Berne knows the joy of a new bloom, wandering pathway or visiting butterfly and wants to share that gift with those members of our community who are suffering from this devastating disease. The healing garden will contain pathways for reflection, a number of aromatic herbs and plants, relaxing water fountains and quiet spaces for staff and patients to talk, share and heal.

Though the Berne Davis Healing Garden is her most recent gift, Berne has given of herself in many ways throughout the years. She has served as a past Board Member, was a Founder of the Pink Ladies Volunteer Group, a member the Hospital Auxiliary and has given time and energy in countless ways to help those in need.

Berne has lost many family members and friends, including her husband and brother to cancer. “If I can give a patient or saddened member of their family five minutes of joy in the new healing garden, then my work is done.”

We are so blessed to have Berne as a member of our community and we are deeply moved to have her amazing spirit honored at our new Cancer Center.

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