Strides in Breast Cancer Research: January 11, 2011

Your genes. They are the architects of your body and they could lead the way to breakthrough breast cancer research “There’s a lot of new avenues opening up,” says Dr. Eric Goldsmith, a Lee Memorial Health System general surgeon. “I think the future is really going to be genetics.”

One avenue that’s gaining headway: technology. ”There are in surgical techniques, some new things coming out in regards to ultrasonic direction. There was a time when they were using cold and heat and now they are looking into ultrasonic destruction of the tumors cells by putting probes in. Not having to make big incisions.”

Another avenue: medications. “There are some medications that are coming out and I think they are sort of the tail end of the chemotherapy era.”

The third avenue: healthy lifestyle habits. “Chemo prevention as we call it. What can we do? A lot of people ask about diet. Certainly, a balanced healthy diet is important,” he adds. “Alcohol. Tobacco. Tobacco - definitely a strong link. Really need to take that out completely. And an alcoholic drink here or there is not going to be really bad but excessive, again, a lot of studies suggest that this is a problem.”

Until new breakthroughs are discovered, Dr. Goldsmith maintains that regular breast self-exams, mammograms, and a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and healthy grains are just some of the ways women and men can take charge of their breast health.