Physical Therapy for Pregnancy: January 17, 2011

For women who are expecting, not only is the family dynamic about to change, but physical changes are also in motion. “You can have back pain as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy and have it be very uncomfortable,” says Lee Memorial Health System physical therapist Janna Trottier. She is specially trained in obstetrics and works with pregnant women to ease the pain and help them move comfortably. “Turning in bed is a really common problem. Just something as simple as turning before you scoot, rather than scooting before you turn can make a huge difference.”

Back pain, neck pain, rib pain, and leg pain are common complaints women have during pregnancy. Janna says pain should never be present. “Most people, especially first time mothers or are first time pregnant don’t understand that its not okay to be in pain when you are pregnant. And especially second time moms who maybe didn’t have the pain the first time are even more susceptible to having the pain because now they are doing household things: they are carrying for their children, they’re lifting babies, lifting things in and out of cribs, and carseats.”

With gentle guidance, Janna shows expectant mothers easier ways to stand up and sit down to make these daily movements less painful. “Cumulative over the course of a day, it can be very painful. If you can make one simple little modification, it can make your day a lot better.

Women are also taught various pelvic exercises that not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but can help during labor, delivery, and even post-pregnancy. If you would like to learn more, you can call 239 343-9460.