Weight Loss Secrets: March 22, 2011

We all know that slimming your daily food portions can help lead to a slimmer you, but there are a few things you may not have though of that could help you lose those unwanted pounds.

One is found right in your faucet: water. "Some people actually, when they are dehydrated, they'll just recognize that signal as though they are hungry when they're actually just thirsty," says Lee Memorial Health System weight management dietitian, Julie Stacey. She encourages everyone to aim for 8 glasses of pure water a day. "We've taken a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages and we've replaced the water with those. Getting back to replacing the sweetened beverages with water, really, that helps a lot."

Your bedroom may also hold the key to weight loss success. "Getting the full amount of sleep is very, very crucial to weight management," says Stacey. "There's actually two appetite stimulating hormones that get affected by sleep deprivation. Whenever we are sleep deprived, we actually feel as though we are not satisfied with the foods we eat and we'll also feel like we're a lot more hungry than we actually are."

And how much are you moving throughout the day? "It really goes hand in hand with weight management. Taking a further parking spot out at the end of the parking lot and walking in further, taking the stairs, those things will also add up as well."

Julie also counsels people on portion control and what foods are best for their individual weight loss needs. To learn more, you can call 239 573-5720.