Preventative Medicine Plan: March 30, 2011

We hear the phrase everywhere these days: preventative medicine. Whether its screenings, regular physical exams, or a drive to exercise some people are taking the message to heart. “More the baby boomers seem to be interested in being well,” says Dr. Salvatore Lacagnina, Vice President of Health and Wellness for Lee Memorial Health System.

People in this age group, who are nearing retirement, are most in-tune with staying healthy. “If you’ve worked all your life, the worse thing that could happen is you get to your retirement years and you get a debilitating illness and you have all this money in the bank and you can’t do anything with it, so that’s really sad.”

Dr. Lacagnina encourages younger people to take the same sort of initiative. “You really have to set that as a goal: saying ‘throughout my life, and this is really a journey, I’m going to do everything that I can on a daily basis to stay healthy so that when I get to my retirement years, I can really enjoy everything that I have worked for.’”

This preventative medicine plan starts with your primary care physician. It’s important to talk with he or she about your family history, discuss a screening schedule, even develop a fitness and diet strategy that can help you live your life to the fullest.