Pain Signals: April 14, 2011

Pain. No matter where it is, it can be well, a real pain. Some people live with pain everyday and just accept it. But ignoring pain, especially in certain areas of the body, can put your life at risk.

"Definitely, with headaches, we're concerned about aneurysms, tumors, and bleeds in your brain," says Dr. Anna Shuster, a family practice physician on the Lee Memorial Health System medical staff.

Then, there's the chest pains. "Men are more typical to have the crushing pain in the chest, into the left arm." Women may experience a different kind of chest pain than men. "They don't go along with the typical left-sided chest clutching, tingling. It can be in the center of the chest, it can be going into their back. It can be on their right sides."

Then there are stomachaches. They can come and go. But severe abdominal pain can trigger something more serious. "The point where you need to seek help is when you're just throwing up so much and having so much diarrhea that you are getting dehydrated and you can't keep anything down."

Dr. Shuster adds that back, arm, or leg pain that comes with tingling is another trigger. If you are experiencing pain in any of these areas, you should seek emergency medical attention.