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2010 Video Archives

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Date Video Title Category
12/31/10 Ringing in the New Year: Remember the 3Ds Wellnes
12/30/10 Stopping Seizures in their Tracks Neurology
12/29/10 When Your Child Has the Croup Pediatrics
12/28/10 Turning a Negative into a Positive - MS Neurology
12/27/10 Is Your Heart Trying to Tell You Something? Cardiac
12/26/10 Early Healthy Eating Habits Pediatrics
12/25/10 Degenerative Joint Disease Orthopedics
12/24/10 Making Cholesterol Count with Menopause Women's Health
12/23/10 Distracted Holiday Driving Safety
12/22/10 What is a Hospitalist? Doctors
12/21/10 IBS Misconceptions Gastroenterology
12/20/10 Minimally Invasive Rotator Cuff Repair Orthopedics
12/19/10 DVT: Can it Happen Again? vascular
12/18/10 Diarrhea Gastroenterology
12/17/10 Better Living with Palliative Care Palliative Care
12/16/10 Exercise to Prevent Falls Wellness
12/15/10 Sore Throat, Strep Throat or Worse? Wellness
12/14/10 SHARE Club Membership Perks - Tai Chi Support
12/13/10 Picky Eater Problems Pediatrics
12/12/10 Dangerous Holiday Rush Wellness
12/11/10 Celiac Disease: Are You at Risk? Gastroenterology
12/10/10 Making Every Breath Count Pulmonary
12/09/10 Off Balance? Get a Free Screening to Guide You Wellness
12/08/10 Weight Loss with the Duodenal Switch, Part 2 Bariatrics
12/07/10 Weight Loss with the Duodenal Switch, Part 1 Bariatrics
12/06/10 Robotic Mitral Valve Repair Surgery
12/05/10 Advancements in Cancer Care Cancer
12/04/10 Benefits of Pulmonary Rehab Pulmonary
12/03/10 Problems with PAD Vascular
12/02/10 Do I Have a Cold or the Flu? Wellness
12/01/10 Acid Blockers Gastroenterology
11/30/10 Warding Off Pediatric Diabetes Pediatrics
11/29/10 Lung Cancer Awareness Awareness
11/28/10 Diabetes and Kidney Disease Diabetes
11/27/10 Exercises for IBS Gastroenterology
11/26/10 Healthy Decorating Wellness
11/25/10 Knowing Your Family History Wellness
11/24/10 Sensory Falling Neurology
11/23/10 Diabetes and Dementia Neurology
11/22/10 Holiday Eating Diet
11/21/10 Ultrasounds: Medicating Through the Heart Cardiac
11/20/10 Esophageal Cancer Shift Cancer
11/19/10 Medicating Your Pain Pain Management
11/18/10 Great American Smokeout Wellness
11/17/10 First Robotic Hysterectomy Surgery
11/16/10 The Perfect Gift: Blood Donation Blood
11/15/10 Hands-On Health Care Training Wellness
11/14/10 The Truth About Ulcers Gastroenterology
11/13/10 Kick the Habit; Kickstart Your Health Wellness
11/12/10 Breathing Easy with COPD Pulmonary
11/11/10 Confronting ALS, Part 2 Neurology
11/10/10 Confronting ALS, Part 1 Neurology
11/09/10 Childhood Obesity Complications Pediatrics
11/08/10 Fevers: When to Call a Doctor Wellness
11/07/10 Diabetic Complications Diabetes
11/06/10 Wheelchair Assessment Medical Equipment
11/05/10 Robotic Bypass Surgery Surgery
11/04/10 Diagnosis COPD Pulmonary
11/03/10 Crossing the Cancer Treatment Finish Line Cancer
11/02/10 Caregiver Awareness Month, Part 2 Awareness
11/01/10 Caregiver Awareness Month, Part 1 Awareness
10/31/10 New Research: Blood Test for Breast Cancer Cancer
10/30/10 Exercising for a Cure Wellness
10/29/10 Halloween Spirit at HealthPark Wellness
10/28/10 Changing Times: Detecting Breast Cancer Cancer
10/27/10 Exercise to 100 Wellness
10/26/10 Fast Food Nation Diet
10/25/10 Pulmonary Rehab Perks Pulmonary
10/24/10 TrueBeam Radiation Therapy Cancer
10/23/10 Stress and Blood Pressure Wellness
10/22/10 Your Baby's Emotional Health Pediatrics
10/21/10 Track Your Plaque Wellness
10/20/10 A Positive Approach to Epilepsy Neurology
10/19/10 Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Cancer
10/18/10 Maximize Your Exercise Wellness
10/17/10 Digestive Dilemma: Smoking Wellness
10/16/10 Pacemakers: The New Old Thing Cardiac
10/15/10 Assessing Independence with Aging Parents Aging
10/14/10 Swallowing Scope Wellness
10/13/10 Top Five Alarm Symptoms Wellness
10/12/10 A Chocolate a Day: Keep Strokes Away? Wellness
10/11/10 Painless Pregnancy Women's Health
10/10/10 Diagnosing Breast Cancer Cancer
10/09/10 O.R. Robot Surgery
10/08/10 Genetic Counseling for Breast Cancer Cancer
10/07/10 Talk About Prescriptions Pharmaceuticals
10/06/10 Know Your Stats Men's Health
10/05/10 Diagnosing IBS Gastroenterology
10/04/10 Childhood Seizure Episode Pediatrics
10/03/10 Soothe a Sunburn Wellness
10/02/10 Hiatal Hernia Gastroenterology
10/01/10 Interstitial Brachytherapy Cancer
09/30/10 Treating Lymphedema Therapy
09/29/10 Silent PAD Vascular
09/28/10 PSA Stats: Know Your Numbers Men's Health
09/27/10 Preserving Memory in the Electronic Age Neurology
09/26/10 New Blood Center in Bonita Springs Outpatient
09/25/10 Balance Awareness Week Awareness
09/24/10 Colon Cancer: New Research Cancer
09/23/10 Advancements in Wound Care Outpatient
09/22/10 ALS Clinic One Year Later Neurology
09/21/10 World Alzheimer's Day Neurology
09/20/10 Sentinelle Breast Table Radiology
09/19/10 Child Passenger Safety Week Safety
09/18/10 Arts by the DisABLED Art Gala Therapy
09/17/10 Acute and Chronic Osteomyelitis Orthopedics
09/16/10 Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Awareness
09/15/10 Obesity Screening for Kids Pediatrics
09/14/10 The Burn Behind Heartburn Gastroenterology
09/13/10 Menopause Myths: Lost Libido Women's Health
09/12/10 Joint Pain Management Orthopedics
09/11/10 Headaches: When to See a Doctor Neurology
09/10/10 Free Balance Screening Wellness
09/09/10 Bathtime Safety Safety
09/08/10 New Clues into Ovarian Cancer Cancer
09/07/10 Vitamin D Boost for Kidneys Wellness
09/06/10 daVinci Radical Prostatectomy:
Who’s a Candidate?
09/05/10 Changes at The Children's Hospital Pediatrics
09/04/10 Stress and IBS Wellness
09/03/10 Benefits of Breastfeeding Pediatrics
09/02/10 Distracted Driving Dangers Safety
08/31/10 Scan for Heart Health Cardiac
08/30/10 Enjoying Life with Epilepsy Neurology
08/29/10 High Blood Pressure? High Kidney Concerns Wellness
08/28/10 Treating Diarrhea Wellness
08/27/10 Psoriasis Research Dermatology
08/26/10 Feeling Dizzy? It Might Be Heart Disease Cardiac
08/25/10 Pneumonia Vaccine for COPD Patients Pulmonary
08/24/10 daVinci Robotic Assisted Prostate Procedure Surgery
08/23/10 Hormonal Migraines Neurology
08/22/10 Are You Dehydrated? Wellness
08/21/10 Using Color to Detect Barrett's Esophagus Gastroenterology
08/20/10 Menopausal Myths Women's Health
08/19/10 Preventing Falls in Your Home Safety
08/18/10 Pain in Your Soles Orthopedics
08/17/10 Food Chaining Wellness
08/16/10 Move Campaign Naples Pediatric Clinic Pediatrics
08/15/10 Naples Pediatric Clinic Pediatrics
08/14/10 Evolving Cancer Care Cancer
08/13/10 Reduce Salt; Reduce Blood Pressure Wellness
08/12/10 DVT and Pregnancy Vascular
08/11/10 Colon Cancer: The Screening Process Cancer
08/10/10 One More Glass of Water Wellness
08/09/10 The PPEC Family Pediatrics
08/08/10 Diagnosing Osteomyelitis Orthopedics
08/07/10 Why is My Child Stuttering? Rehabilitation
08/06/10 Exercise Mistakes Wellness
08/05/10 Cancer Consoling Cancer
08/04/10 Preparing for the New School Year Wellness
08/03/10 Starting Solid Foods Pediatrics
08/02/10 Water Watchers Wellness
08/01/10 Smokers: PAD Warning Pulmonary
07/31/10 Collaborative Arts Experiment Therapy
07/30/10 Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Surgery
07/29/10 Targeted Therapy for Cancer Patients Cancer
07/28/10 Pacemaker Lead Extraction Cardiac
07/27/10 New Wound Center Outpatient
07/26/10 Preparing for Childbirth Women's Health
07/25/10 The Best Sunscreen Wellness
07/24/10 Asymptomatic Atrial Fibrillation Cardiac
07/23/10 Whole Body Cooling Neonatology
07/22/10 Gestational Diabetes Women's Health
07/21/10 Antidepressants and Menopause Women's Health
07/20/10 Bad Food or IBS? Gastroenterology
07/19/10 Healthy Living Lecture Series Wellness
07/18/10 Dietary Fiber Wellness
07/17/10 Radiofrequency Ablation for Cancer Cardiac
07/16/10 Sleep Deprived Depression Neurology
07/15/10 Fatal Distraction: Leaving a Child in a Hot Car Safety
07/14/10 Sound Sleep as We Age Aging
07/13/10 Step Wise Lee Safety
07/12/10 Baby Food Allergies Pediatrics
07/11/10 Cath Lab at Cape Coral Hospital Cardiac
07/10/10 Push for Colon Cancer Screenings Cancer
07/09/10 Guns 'n Hoses Blood Drive Blood
07/08/10 Abnormal Acid Reflux Gastroenterology
07/07/10 Blood Pressure Diaries Wellness
07/06/10 TCH Expansion Project Building
07/05/10 Menopausal Myths: Weight Gain Women's Health
07/04/10 Remote Controlled Joint Pain Relief Orthopedics
07/03/10 Septic Arthritis Orthopedics
07/02/10 Doctor - Patient Relationship Wellness
07/01/10 Water Safety: Six Layers of Protection Safety
06/30/10 Oncotype DX Cancer
06/29/10 Living Gluten Free Wellness
06/28/10 Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Support
06/27/10 Aphasia Awareness Awareness
06/26/10 Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery Orthopedics
06/25/10 Vein Stripping vs Laser Vein Therapy Vascular
06/24/10 Pediatric Feeding Disorders, Part 2 Pediatrics
06/23/10 Pediatric Feeding Disorders, Part 1 Pediatrics
06/22/10 Art Therapy Rehabilitation
06/21/10 Weighing the Benefits of Injectable Birth Control Women's Health
06/20/10 Men's Health Awareness Week Awareness
06/19/10 Power of Positive Thinking Wellness
06/18/10 Artherectomy Catheter Cardiac
06/17/10 ALS Fundraiser Neurology
06/16/10 Cancer Navigator Cancer
06/15/10 Poolside Protection Safety
06/14/10 The Children's Rehabilitation Center Rehabiltation
06/13/10 Using Blood to Detect Lung Cancer Cancer
06/12/10 Cancer Support Groups Cancer
06/11/10 What is Osteomyelitis? Orthopedics
06/10/10 Benefits of the Birth Control Pill  Women's Health
06/09/10 DynaVox Speech Device Rehabilitation
06/08/10 Caring for New Baby Teeth Pediatrics
06/07/10 Headaches vs. Migraines Neurology
06/06/10 National Cancer Survivors Day Cancer
06/05/10 Healing Through Hands Rehabilitation
06/04/10 Preparing Your Heart for Menopause Women's Health
06/03/10 Cortisone Injection vs Physical Therapy Orthopedics
06/02/10 Eat to Prevent Diabetes Diabetes
06/01/10 Relieving Shoulder Pain Orthopedics
05/31/10 Reduce Your Risk: Colon Cancer Cancer
05/30/10 Stroke Risk and Birth Control Women's Health
05/29/10 What is IBS? Gastroenterology
05/28/10 Lymphedema and Weight Training Therapy
05/27/10 High Blood Pressure Wellness
05/26/10 Bilateral Coclear Implants Hearing
05/25/10 Preparing for Pool Season Safety
05/24/10 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Pediatrics
05/23/10 Clinical Trials Wellness
05/22/10 Smoking and Stroke Neurology
05/21/10 Transitioning to Solid Foods Pediatrics
05/20/10 New Vaccinations for Kids Pediatrics
05/19/10 Joey Naples, Part 2 Pediatrics
05/18/10 Joey Naples, Part 1 Pediatrics
05/17/10 Testing for Celiac Disease Gastroenterology
05/16/10 Uterine Prolapse Urology
05/15/10 Help for the Heart Cardiac
05/14/10 Glidescope Medical Equipment
05/13/10 P-PEC Pediatrics
05/12/10 Helping Kids with Asthma Pediatrics
05/11/10 Testing Senior Driving Skills Safety
05/10/10 National Women's Checkup Day Prevention
05/09/10 Laser Vein Surgery Vascualr
05/08/10 Pet Therapy Therapy
05/07/10 Caffeine and Headaches Neurology
05/06/10 Father-Son Nursing Wellness
05/05/10 Stroke Awareness Month Awareness
05/04/10 Senior Health and Fitness Aging
05/03/10 The Hidden Signs of Teething Pediatrics
05/02/10 Yoga for Lymphedema Therapy
05/01/10 Cancer Caps Cancer
04/30/10 Ovary Fertilization Women's Health
04/29/10 Diabetic Foot Complications Diabetes
04/28/10 Expressive Arts Therapy
04/27/10 Weight Loss Planning Diet
04/26/10 Relieving Asthma Anxiety Pulmonary
04/25/10 Statins for COPD Pulmonary
04/24/10 Sonosite S-Nerve and S-Fast Radiology
04/23/10 Harmonica Class for Pulmonary Patients Pulmonary
04/22/10 da Vinci Surgical System Surgery
04/21/10 Gardasil vs Cervarix Women's Health
04/20/10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes Diet
04/19/10 Mission Nutrition Nutrition
04/18/10 DVT: Can it Happen Again? Vascular
04/17/10 Know Your Risk: Prostate Cancer Cancer
04/16/10 Celiac Disease Research Gastroenterology
04/15/10 Defending Against Sarcopenia Aging
04/14/10 Cholesterol and Menopause Women's Health
04/13/10 Time to Lose Weight Diet
04/12/10 Vitamin D Deficiency in Kids Pediatrics
04/11/10 Stroke Center Neurology
04/10/10 Cortisone Injections for Hip Pain Orthopedics
04/09/10 Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Tests Pediatrics
04/08/10 Childbirth Education Classes Women's Health
04/07/10 The Changing Role of Nursing Nursing
04/06/10 Telehealth Telemonitor Home Health
04/05/10 Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Orthopedics
04/04/10 VATS Surgery
04/03/10 Pulmonary Rehab Pulmonary
04/02/10 DriveAble Safety
04/01/10 Relief with InterStim Rehabilitation
03/31/10 Degenerative Joint Disease Orthopedics
03/30/10 Curbing Emotional Eating Nutrition
03/29/10 Stress and Pregnancy Women's Health
03/28/10 Genetically Predisposed to Kidney Stones Urology
03/27/10 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Do You Have It? Orthopedics
03/26/10 Senior Depression Neurology
03/25/10 Exercise - Osteoarthritis Connection Orthopedics
03/24/10 Weight Loss Surgery Seminars Bariatrics
03/23/10 American Diabetes Alert Day Diabetes
03/22/10 Ovarian Cancer: New Research Cancer
03/21/10 Are You in Pain? Pain Management
03/20/10 Cancer Diagnosis Cancer
03/19/10 Memory Methods Neurology
03/18/10 Victorious Eating Nutrition
03/17/10 Arthritis in Young Adults Pediatrics
03/16/10 Head and Neck Cancer Support Group Cancer
03/15/10 Gastric Bypass Tuneup Bariatrics
03/14/10 Teeing Off for Better Health Wellness
03/13/10 New Tests for Bladder Cancer Cancer
03/12/10 Dissecting Food Labels Nutrition
03/11/10 Blood Screening Wellness
03/10/10 Stroke Support Neurology
03/09/10 Self Help Arthritis Class Orthopedics
03/08/10 Breast Cancer Risks Cancer
03/07/10 Aging Athletes Wellness
03/06/10 Preparing for Pregnancy Women's Health
03/05/10 Kidney Disease Urology
03/04/10 Fall Prevention Safety
03/03/10 Food Journaling Nutrition
03/02/10 Caregiver Burnout Support
03/01/10 Swallowing Therapy Success Rehabilitation
02/28/10 Gastric Bypass Surgery Bariatrics
02/27/10 Brain Health 101 Neurology
02/26/10 Heart Central Cardiac
02/25/10 Advancements in Prostate Cancer Cancer
02/24/10 Standing Up to Obesity Diet
02/23/10 Chronic Pain or Stress Pain Management
02/22/10 Interventional Radiology Radiology
02/21/10 Multitasking Wellness
02/20/10 Your Weight, Your Heart Diet
02/19/10 Wii-itis Wellness
02/18/10 Eat More Weigh Less Nutrition
02/17/10 InterStim Therapy Rehabilitation
02/16/10 Heart Broken Syndrome Cardiac
02/15/10 Overweight Women: Pregnancy Complications Women's Health
02/14/10 Heart Healthy Cardiac
02/13/10 Tag Team for Your Health Wellness
02/12/10 Hospital Food for Comfort and Care Nutrition
02/11/10 Signs Women Shouldn't Ignore Women's Health
02/10/10 Family Health Challenge Wellness
02/09/10 ADHD and Sleep Apnea Neurology
02/08/10 Pain and the Recession Wellness
02/07/10 Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones Urology
02/06/10 Breast and Gynecological Screenings Women's Health
02/05/10 Heart Disease Quiz Cardiac
02/04/10 Bariatric Program Baratrics
02/03/10 Birthing Brain Cells Neurology
02/02/10 Pancreatic Cancer: New Research Cancer
02/01/10 Cancer Deaths Declining Cancer
01/31/10 Intragastric Balloon Gastroenterology
01/30/10 Fat Baby = Fat Toddler? Pediatrics
01/29/10 Gallstones: Are You at Risk? Gastroenterology
01/28/10 First for Lee County: In-Home Dialysis Home Health
01/27/10 Healthy Brain Initiative Neurology
01/26/10 Can Blue Dye Help Your Spine? Neurology
01/25/10 DVT Screening Neurology
01/24/10 Treating Carpal Tunnel Orthopedics
01/23/10 Senior Behavioral Center Aging
01/22/10 National Blood Donor Month Outpatient
01/21/10 Pain Relief Injections Pain Mangement
01/20/10 Male Incontinence Urology
01/19/10 Realize Band: Becky Watt Patient Story
01/18/10 Trilogy Machine Cancer
01/17/10 Heart Disese: Is It In Your Genes Cardiac
01/16/10 Cancer Myths Cancer
01/15/10 Ruby's Story: Exercise Patient Story
01/14/10 Know Your Numbers: BMI Diet
01/13/10 Preventing a Stroke Neurology
01/12/10 Body Safari Wellness
01/11/10 Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Cancer
01/10/10 Ergonomics Wellness
01/09/10 Heavy Burden for Kids - Type 2 Diabetes Pediatrics
01/08/10 Social Group for Autistic Teens Pediatrics
01/07/10 Ice or Heat Wellness
01/06/10 Treating DVT Vascular
01/05/10 Trachelectomy Cancer
01/04/10 Mental Exercises Wellness
01/03/10 New Year Screenings Wellness
01/02/10 Diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease Cardiac
01/01/10 Portion Control Nutrition

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