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Date Video Title Category Script
09/27/15 iStent Helping People See Clearly

Eye Care

09/26/15 A Frontline to ADHD Pediatrics script
09/25/15 A Speedy Way to Stop Stroke Neurology script
09/24/15 Treating the Cancer Survivor Cancer script
09/23/15 Sleep Apnea Could be Hurting Your Heart Cardiology script
09/22/15 Prolotherapy: Helping the Body Heal Itself Pain Management script
09/21/15 Down in the Dumps or Depressed? Wellness script
09/20/15 Dancing Helps Put Life in Balance Rehabilitation script
09/19/15 Evolution of the MAZE Procedure Cardiology script
09/18/15 Aging Better: Seniors SHARING Life Awareness script
09/17/15 Pain Pump for Shoulder Surgery Orthopedics script
09/16/15 Diet & Exercise Team Up Against Diabetes Diabetes script
09/15/15 Bedtime Wake Up Call Pediatrics script
09/14/15 Changing Face of Oral Cancer Patients Cancer script
09/13/15 Updated Guidelines for Morning Sickness Meds Women's Health script
09/12/15 Cardiac Rehab Could Use a Boost Cardiology script
09/11/15 Bringing an Open View to MRI Imaging script
09/10/15 Combatting Complex Regional Pain Pain Management script
09/09/15 Keeping a Community Healthy Wellness script
09/08/15 A Patient’s Story: Colonoscopy Cuts Cancer Risk Cancer script
09/07/15 Asthma Friendly Daycares: A Breath of Fresh Air Pediatrics script
09/06/15 Bringing Health Care Home Home Health script
09/05/15 Integrative Medicine a Powerful Combination Primary Care script
09/04/15 Mini Stroke- Big Opportunity Neurology script
09/03/15 Helping the Medicine go Down Pediatrics script
09/02/15 Looking into Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer Cancer script
09/01/15 Tendon Surgery: On the Razor’s Edge Orthopedics script
08/31/15 Pumping up Heart Warnings on Pain Relievers Cardiology script
08/30/15 Taking Care of Children’s Hearts Pediatrics script
08/29/15 New View on Hip Replacement Orthopedics script
08/28/15 Poor Posture Makes Bad Impression on TMJ Rehabilitation script
08/27/15 Childbirth, Its a Gas? Cardiology script
08/26/15 Next Gen Drugs for AFib Cardiology script
08/25/15 Pre-Diabetes a Chance for Prevention Diabetes script
08/24/15 SHARE Club Keeps Seniors Happy & Healthy Wellness script
08/23/15 Diaper Dilemma: Baby Powders & Wipes Pediatrics script
08/22/15 Hemorrhoids Needing Help Gastroenterology script
08/21/15 Smoking Hazardous to Your Bones Orthopedics script
08/20/15 Broader Statin Use Yielding Results Cardiology script
08/19/15 What You Don’t Know About PCOS Pediatrics script
08/18/15 Adding Sports Trainers Subtracts From HS Sports Injuries Pediatrics script
08/17/15 More Women Opting for Outpatient Mastectomy Cancer script
08/16/15 Hyper-Hypo Thyroid, What’s the Diff? Primary Care script
08/15/15 Medications to Manage Kidney Stones Primary Care script
08/14/15 Joint Replacement Takes a Joint Effort Orthopedics script
08/13/15 Reading the Warning Signs of Parkinson’s Neurology script
08/12/15 The Widow Maker Mostly a Heart Breaker Cardiology script
08/11/15 Tech Devices Posturing Kids for Pain Pediatrics script
08/10/15 Healthy Lifestyle a Natural Enemy of Colon Cancer Cancer script
08/09/15 Breaking Down Hip Fractures Orthopedics script
08/08/15 Working on Your Back Pain Spine Care script
08/07/15 The Heartburn-Asthma Connection Pulmonology script
08/06/15 Tread Carefully with Grazing Diet Diet/Nutrition script
08/05/15 BRCA Gene and Ovarian Cancer Cardiology script
08/04/15 Taking the Sting out of Bug Bites Primary Care script
08/03/15 Medicating AFib Cardiology script
08/02/15 Breaking Down a Separated Shoulder Orthopedics script
08/01/15 Allergy Overload Allergy script
07/31/15 Working up to Working Out Wellness script
07/30/15 Overcoming Cancer-Related Fatigue Cancer script
07/29/15 TAVR 200 and Counting Cardiology script
07/28/15 Stand Alone Surgery Centers Stand Out Surgery script
07/27/15 VNS May Spell Victory Against Seizures Pediatrics script
07/26/15 Cardio-Oncology Sign of Progress Cardiology script
07/25/15 Low T Often Spells Low Bone Density Men's Health script
07/24/15 Anti-Gravity Treadmill Speeds Rehab Rehabilitation script
07/23/15 When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Come Naturally Women’s Health script
07/22/15 Pharmacists Taking an Active Role in Health Cardiology script
07/21/15 Balloons Expand Treatment of Compression Fractures Pain Management script
07/20/15 Location Matters with Colorectal Cancer Cancer script
07/19/15 Pack Car Seat for Summer Travel Pediatrics script
07/18/15 Enlarged Prostate a Big Problem Men's Health script
07/17/15 Tips for a Healthier Workplace Wellness script
07/16/15 A Truly Personal Knee Replacement Orthopedics script
07/15/15 Game Change in Treating Heart Attack Cardiology script
07/14/15 Addressing the Needs of Cancer Patients Cancer script
07/13/15 Therapy Relieves TMJ Rehabilitation script
07/12/15 A Better Read on Balance Rehabilitation script
07/11/15 Partial Knee Right Fit in Right Patient Orthopedics script
07/10/15 No Love- Trans Fat & Your Heart Cardiology script
07/08/15 Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Fast, Furious, Treatable Primary Care script
07/07/15 Managing Chronic Conditions a Savings Program Awareness script
07/06/15 Tough to Swallow - Tips for Kids Taking Meds Pedatrics script
07/05/15 Faster Healing for Abdominal Surgery Gastroenterology script
07/04/15 Interrupting AFib Cardiology script
07/03/15 A Meat-Free Independence Day Diet/Nutrition script
07/02/15 Melanoma Rates Rising Cancer script
07/01/15 Joint Implants Stepping into the Future Orthopedics script
06/30/15 No Joke: Laughing Gas Relieving Labor Pains Women's Health script
06/29/15 Medi-Gyms Offer Prescription for Fitness Wellness script
06/28/15 Nightmare vs. Night Terror Pediatrics script
06/27/15 Living with Lactose Intolerance Gastroenterology script
06/26/15 Studies Support Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Cancer script
06/25/15 Convenient Care May Fill a Gap in Care Primary Care script
06/24/15 Investigating Cryptogenic Stroke Neurology script
06/23/15 A New Direction for Hip Replacement Orthopedics script
06/22/15 Good Thoughts: Talking with a Friend who has Cancer Cancer script
06/21/15 A Current Approach to Brain Tumors Cancer script
06/20/15 Child Life Specialists Work at Kid’s Play Pediatrics script
06/19/15 Working with a Pro Avoids Weight Yo-Yo Wellness script
06/18/15 Superbugs Moving From Hospitals to Homes Infectious Disease script
06/17/15 Toe Lengthening Provides Better Balance Orthopedics script
06/16/15 New Heart Valve Fixes Age Old Problem Cardiology script
06/15/15 Home Health Devices Lowering Hospitalizations Home Health script
06/14/15 Snoring and Sleep Apnea Pediatrics script
06/13/15 Helping Women Protect their Heart Cardiology script
06/12/15 Young People May Need Colonoscopy Cancer script
06/11/15 Pediatric Cardio: Heart Condition Dangerous if Undetected Pediatrics script
06/10/15 Natural Treatments Going Mainstream Primary Care script
06/09/15 Lifting a Separated Shoulder Orthopedics script
06/08/15 A Shining STAR in Cancer Care Rehabilitation script
06/07/15 Ballroom Provides Couples Therapy Rehabilitation script
06/06/15 Breaking Down Your Artificial Joint Orthopedics script
06/05/15 Parents Slow to Recognize Obese Children Pediatrics script
06/04/15 Deciphering the Maze Procedure Cardiology script
06/03/15 The Buzz on Spinal Cord Stimulation Pain Management script
06/02/15 Supporting Cancer Survivors Cancer script
06/01/15 Itching for Answers: Testing Your Allergy IQ Wellness script
05/31/15 Getting into the Zone Wellness script
05/30/15 A Closer Look at CT & Nuclear Imaging Imaging script
05/29/15 Oral Cancer Patients Face Better Outcomes Cancer script
05/28/15 Replacing Cartilage, Restoring Knee Function Orthopedics script
05/27/15 Tick Tock Goes the Stroke Clock Neurology script
05/26/15 Treating RA, PDQ Primary Care script
05/25/15 MRI Goggles Take Kids to the Movies Pediatrics script
05/24/15 Keeping up with Heart Failure Cardiology script
05/23/15 Joint Camp Eliminates Surgery Hurdles Orthopedics script
05/22/15 Turning the Immune System Against Lung Cancer Cancer script
05/21/15 Lasers Shine Light on Pain Pain Management script
05/20/15 Diaper Rash Dos & Don’ts Pediatrics script
05/19/15 Dealing with Menopause, Naturally Women's Health script
05/18/15 Managing Chronic Disease Pays Off Wellness script
05/17/15 Connecting with a Cardiologist Cardiology script
05/16/15 Conditions May Mimic ADHD Pediatrics script
05/15/15 Getting Radiation During Breast Cancer Surgery Cancer script
05/14/15 A Hot Treatment for Asthma Pulmonology script
05/13/15 Farm to Table Food Trend Diet/Nutrition script
05/12/15 Brachymetatarsis: Fixing a Deformed Foot Orthopedics script
05/11/15 Giving Patients a Lifeline Home Health script
05/10/15 Leaning Towards an Ankle Fusion Orthopedics script
05/09/15 Do your Symptoms Add Up to Diabetes Diabetes script
05/08/15 Breakdown on AFib Cardiology script
05/07/15 Boys Benefit from HPV Vaccine Pediatrics script
05/06/15 Non-Smokers Getting Lung Cancer Cancer script
05/05/15 Lifesaving Fix for Aortic Aneurysm Surgery script
05/04/15 A Convenient Destination Primary Care script
05/03/15 All in On Water Safety Pediatrics script
05/02/15 A Shocking Kidney Stone Treatment Urology script
05/01/15 Replacing the Knee, Sparing the Ligaments Orthopedics script
04/30/15 Looking at Aneurysms in a New Way Neurology script
04/29/15 Protecting the Heart During Cancer Treatment Cardiology script
04/28/15 Taking your Health Digital Wellness script
04/27/15 Hospital Labs Yielding Results Awareness script
04/26/15 Are We Feeding Early Puberty Pediatrics script
04/25/15 Waltzing Your Way to Better Health Wellness script
04/24/15 Getting Over and Overuse Injury Orthopedics script
04/23/15 Coping with Acute Morning Sickness Women’s Health script
04/22/15 Finding Female Cancers Cancer script
04/21/15 A More Current Way to Treat Hemorrhoids Surgery script
04/20/15 An a-Mazing Heart Procedure Cardiology script
04/19/15 Palliative Care, Who Gets It? Palliative Care script
04/18/15 No Need to Shoulder Pain Following Surgery Orthopedics script
04/17/15 Headache or Migraine? Neurology script
04/16/15 Watching Your Step Trauma script
04/15/15 Making Med Devices MRI Safe Imaging script
04/14/15 Spotting Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Pediatrics script
04/13/15 Tiny Fix for Glaucoma Eye Care script
04/12/15 Trauma Centers Always on Standby Trauma script
04/11/15 3D Printers Transforming Joint Replacement Orthopedics script
04/10/15 How Much Weight to Give Your Scale Wellness script
04/09/15 White Coats Making Blood Pressure Rise? Cardiology script
04/08/15 Building a Better Imager Imaging script
04/07/15 Uncovering Top Causes of Diaper Rash Pediatrics script
04/06/15 A Hard to Swallow- After Effects of Head & Neck Cancer Cancer script
04/05/15 Supplementing Your Health Care Wellness script
04/04/15 Slowing the Spread of Superbugs Infectious Disease script
04/03/15 Kick-Starting Healthy Habits Wellness script
04/02/15 No Fooling - Superfood Facts Diet/Nutrition script
04/01/15 Attacking Breast Cancer from the Inside Cancer script
03/31/15 A Season for Joint Replacement Orthopedics script
03/30/15 FYI on ADHD Evaluations Pediatrics script
03/29/15 Botox to Relax the Gut Gastroenterology script
03/28/15 No Stress Heart Tests Cardiology script
03/27/15 Neuroradiology - Looking into Stroke Neurology script
03/26/15 Bounce Back Quicker with Ankle Arthroscopy Orthopedics script
03/25/15 Colonoscopy- A Search & Destroy Mission Cancer script
03/24/15 Pediatric Cardiology- Getting to the Heart of the Problem Cardiology script
03/23/15 Dancing Through Rehab Rehabilitation script
03/22/15 Where Did my Thyroid Go Wrong? Primary Care script
03/21/15 Space Age Treadmill Gets People Moving Rehabilitation script
03/20/15 Minority Children May Miss Autism Diagnosis Pediatrics script
03/19/15 Picking up on Female Heart Break Cardiology script
03/18/15 Building up Young Bones Orthopedics script
03/17/15 Trauma Center: A Lifesaving Destination Trauma script
03/16/15 Against the Odds - Surviving Lung Cancer Cancer script
03/15/15 Focusing your Children on Fitness Pediatrics script
03/14/15 Work-Related Asthma Under-Diagnosed Pulmonology script
03/13/15 Melanoma Patients Benefit from New Treatments Cancer script
03/12/15 Stimulating Results for Complex Pain Pain Management script
03/11/15 A-Fib & the Aging Heart Cardiology script
03/10/15 Going Nuclear- A New Look into the Body Imaging script
03/09/15 Preventing Stroke By Clearing a Bottle-Neck Neurology script
03/08/15 Taking Energy Drinks to Heart Cardiology script
03/07/15 Keys to Aging Well Wellness script
03/06/15 Joint Surgery: Reasons for Revision Orthopedics script
03/05/15 Birthmark - Spotting the Mongolian Spot Pediatrics script
03/04/15 Preventing the First Stroke Neurology script
03/03/15 Margin Call – A Better Read on Breast Cancer Cancer script
03/02/15 Wholesome Approach to Healing Wellness script
03/01/15 Winning Strategies for Heart Failure Cardiology script
02/28/15 Turning Technology on Cancer Cancer script
02/27/15 Safest Spot for your Kids Pediatrics script
02/26/15 Younger People Slower to get Diabetes Diagnosis Diabetes script
02/25/15 Health Coaches Lead to Success Wellness script
02/24/15 Painless Goodbye to Hemorrhoids Surgery script
02/23/15 Ligament sparing knee replacement Orthopedics script
02/22/15 Radical Approach to Kidney Cancer Cancer script
02/21/15 Diet Buster: The Cost of Convenience Diet/Nutrition script
02/20/15 A Handful of Reasons for Hand Therapy Rehabilitation script
02/19/15 Brushing up on Baby Teeth Pediatrics script
02/18/15 A Road Map through Joint Replacement Orthopedics script
02/17/15 A New Way to Look at Alzheimer’s Neurology script
02/16/15 Pulse Point: Cancer & Your Heart Cardiology script
02/15/15 Getting Back to Basics Rehabilitation script
02/14/15 Picking a Partial Knee Patient Orthopedics script
02/13/15 A Healthy Bottom Line Wellness script
02/12/15 Giving Your Child’s Diet a Makeover Pediatrics script
02/11/15 Depression Raises Female Heart Risk Cardiology script
02/10/15 Reading the Stroke Signs Neurology script
02/09/15 Getting a Read on Cancer Risk Cancer script
02/08/15 Saving Lives-Preserving Breasts Cancer script
02/07/15 Moooove Over Milk Diet/Nutrition script
02/06/15 Sizing Up Your Child’s Sore Throat Pediatrics script
02/05/15 When an Enlarged Prostate Creates a Big Problem Men's Health script
02/04/15 Rising Statin Use- Lowering Cardio Risk Cardiology script
02/03/15 Printing the Perfect Knee Orthopedics script
02/02/15 Getting with the Weight Loss Program Wellness script
02/01/15 Bike Deaths Picking up Speed Trauma script
01/31/15 Being Overweight Eventually Weighs you Down Wellness script
01/30/15 What Makes Your Pacemaker Tick


01/29/15 Smartphone at Bedtime, Bad Idea for Kids Pediatrics script
01/28/15 Big Problem, Small Fix: Treating Aortic Aneurysm Cardiology script
01/27/15 A Neck Check: Looking at Your Thyroid Cancer script
01/26/15 Zapping Back Pain

Pain Management

01/25/15 Flu Shot Safer than Flu During Pregnancy Women’s Health script
01/24/15 Your ‘Pal’ During Treatment Palliative Care script
01/23/15 Learning About Low T

Men’s Health

01/22/15 Drug Therapies Targeting Cancer Cancer script
01/21/15 Kids - Making Sleep a Healthy Habit Pediatrics script
01/20/15 Knee Replacement Second Time Around Orthopedics script
01/19/15 A Freezing Fix for AFib


01/18/15 Treating Cancer After Affects Cancer script
01/17/15 Mercy: Morning Sickness Relief Women’s Health script
01/16/15 Germ Warfare- How Hospitals Battle Bugs

Infectious Disease

01/15/15 What You Don’t Know About Mono Pediatrics script
01/14/15 The Plant Based Food Pyramid Diet/Nutrition script
01/13/15 On the Cutting Edge of Stroke Neurology script
01/12/15 A Leg Up On Joint Replacement


01/11/15 Up to Speed on Your Meds Awareness script
01/10/15 Getting to the Heart of Spine Pain Pain Management script
01/09/15 A New Age of Puberty?


01/08/15 Preventing Cervical Cancer Cancer script
01/07/15 The Growing Gout Generation Primary Care script
01/06/15 Keeping Pace with Pacemakers Cardiology script
01/05/15 The 3D Knee


01/04/15 Time for Gallbladder Surgery? Surgery script
01/03/15 Kids Poisoned by Parent's Prescriptions Pediatrics script
01/02/15 Navigating the Cancer Journey Cancer script
01/01/15 Health Conditions by the Numbers



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