Checking the Corporate Pulse: July 12, 2014

As the founder of an accounting firm, Gail Markham recognizes the value of a health workforce. Providing free, healthy food is a part of the investment.

“We have been feeding everybody here for 10 or 15 years. So we have a healthy lunch set out here every single day,” says Markham. “A full salad bar, lots of vegetables and some fruits and always proteins.”

Now this business is taking wellness astep further, sponsoring free health screenings - on-site - during office hours.

“It’s a minor disruption to the employee and the employer, but major impact on what they can do to improve their health,” says Dr. Andrew Singh, director of occupational health services for Lee Memorial Health System.

In 15 minutes time, employees can learn a great deal about their health. Prior to coming, each person submits a confidential questionnaire that guides what tests might be relevant. The screening looks for common conditions like diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

“Some of the our team members have found they had some borderline diabetes problems, etc. And when you’re told that, it’s pretty shocking at first and then you go ‘okay, I’ve got to do something about this’. So I think it’s created an opportunity for them to fix things that they didn’t even know they had,” Markham says.

They upped the ante, adding wellness challenges and group walks to their menu- additions that have improved their business outlook.

“I’m really proud of this organization because they made the commitment to try this and their baseline results to what we have gotten today is just amazing,” says Dr. Singh.

It all started with checking the corporate pulse.