Health Screens on Your Lunch Break: August 2, 2014

The days when businesses employed a company doctor who looked after employees are long gone, but in its place is a new model of treatment: corporate health plans.

“What we’re really concentrating on here is helping employers and their employees become as healthy as possible,” says Dr. Andrew Singh, who is an occupational health physician for Lee Memorial Health System.

A healthy workforce serves everyone’s best interest. Which is why many businesses are now taking the corporate pulse, even going as far as hosting on-site health fairs.

“We can come on-site to an employer, have minimal impact to their employees daily routine, yet give them so much immediate information,” says Dr. Singh.

A health screening doesn’t fix problems, it identifies them. Hopefully early enough so that people can make changes or get treatment so that a health condition doesn’t become a medical crisis.

“We would collect some basic vital signs. What their blood pressure is, how much they weight, what is their height, what is their pulse and oxygenation levels,” says Dr. Singh.

A series of tests, done within a lunch break checks for common conditions, including obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

“We also do a finger stick of blood and with that finger stick of blood we can get what their up lipid panel is, so we can find out what their cholesterol is not only just their total cholesterol but their good cholesterol, their bad cholesterol, their triglycerides as well as what their blood sugar is,” says Dr. Singh.

In the same 15 minute time-frame, the session ends with results.

“We’re able to give the employee all of this information back to them in a very usable format and engage them in a health discussion for the couple minutes that we have them,” says Dr. Singh.

For a brief time investment, people come away with food for thought: insights on their health and steps to improve it.