The Tipping Point - Preventing Fall-Over Accidents: August 3, 2014

It may come as an unexpected threat: every two weeks a child dies after a television, piece of furniture or an appliance falls on them.  The recent death of a toddler in Southwest Florida brought the subject to a tipping point.

“Right absolutely, little folks like to climb, especially kids who are four and under,” says Dr. Eric Jones, who is a pediatrician on medical staff of Lee Memorial Health System.

Tip-over accidents are more frequent than you think, and are responsible for a number of childhood injuries too.

“Lots - head injuries, concisions, things like that, broken bones. Most kids will tend to fall over their backs. Anything really where something can get trapped underneath a piece of furniture is a pretty big deal,” says Dr. Jones.

These accidents are preventable. Experts say installing low cost anchoring devices will secure the object. And it’s not just your table-top TV; dressers even bookcases are both attractive and dangerous to young daredevils.

“If something can wiggle, not necessarily slide - but wiggle, then you want to make sure it’s tacked down. Most new furnishings, most new appliances will come with a wall latch, they can become mounted and it keeps things from tipping,” says Dr. Jones.

When prying hands are around, safety is something that can’t be overlooked.  Giving your children a stable environment.