Stroller Moms: March 15, 2012

It’s a meeting of moms you’ve never seen before. These ladies get together at Centennial Park in Fort Myers to work out their issues.

“I need to come and work out and feel better so that I have the energy to keep up with my kids,” says Diana Bauer.

“It’s just a social way to support each other and its not boring. We get to be outside we get to be at malls or parks,” says Suzanne Blaney.

Some of them began getting together during pregnancy. OBGYN Melissa Lee says it’s a healthy start provided you’re cleared by your doctor.

“It’s actually good for them to be doing something throughout the whole pregnancy and as they can take a little bit of time off after they’ve delivered to kind of rest their body but then to resume that physical activity is always good.”

Moms who had a normal delivery should hold off for two to three weeks. Those with C-sections need more time.

“Even for them, small walks moving around the house you know walking to the mailbox or walking back for a couple of weeks is perfectly fine. We don’t recommend any heavy aerobic exercise until at least 6 weeks after delivery,” says Dr. Lee.

Exercising in groups boosts both the workouts and morale and pays off in lost pounds.

“In my first three months I lost over 10 inches of baby weight. I noticed that my abs all came back together much more quickly; I was able to pick up my kids again,” says Bauer.

“Between the physical benefits and the emotional benefits it’s a win-win situation,” says Dr. Lee.

It can be hard for moms to find time to exercise and find something to do with their children. These moms take their kids in stride.

“It’s really nice to not have to worry about dropping them off at a gym and daycare and worrying if they’re crying or getting sick,” says Blaney.

Not to mention they’re training the next generation of fitness buffs.