Cutting Edge Surgery Suites: March 20, 2013

Modern medicine is taking big surgeries and making them smaller. Accomplishing the same goals with fewer complications and quicker recoveries. That often requires cutting edge surgery suites.

“Lee Memorial hospital has opened up a hybrid lab about a year ago,” says Dr. Steven Priest, cardiologist with the medical staff at Lee Memorial Health System.

This one is devoted to a less-invasive heart valve replacement surgery. The multi-million dollar hybrid operating room is a must for the TAVR procedure, which replaces the aortic valve without opening the chest. Dr. Steven Priest is part of the exclusive surgery team.

“This equipment can take a CAT scan right as we’re doing the procedure. We just have to step back and it gives us a map of how to place the valve. If an emergency surgery were required, we would have all the equipment available to be able to open the heart and place the patient on bypass,” says Dr. Priest.

Another high tech surgery solution earned a room of its own. The daVinci robot works out of a designated suite, designed to house its control console and specialized surgical system.

“The daVinci robots have four arms, the center arm holds the camera then there’s two left arms and one right arm. So you can clutch between the two left arms, and for other cases you can actually move this to the other side,” says Dr. Kevin Fleishman, OB/GYN with Lee Memorial Health System’s medical staff.

The daVinci robot remains docked during surgery and works best for procedures that require a fixed position. Including prostate, kidney, gallbladder, heart and gynecological operations.

“The daVinci robot gives you seven range of motion so you have a lot more dexterity, it’s a lot easier to avoid structures that you don’t want to injure. And it allows you to completely remove lesions that you’d like to remove,” says Dr. Fleishman.

Forget ‘more is better’ but when it comes to surgery, ‘less is more.’ Even if it means building a better operating room.