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How can I obtain my birth certificate?
Questions about birth certificates should be directed to the office of Vital Statistics, in Lee County, Florida, 239-332-9572.
Their web site can be found at:

Who has access to my Medical Records?
Patient medical records are confidential and shall not be released, nor the information contained therein disclosed, except in accordance with legal requirements and Lee Memorial Health System. Although the information contained within the medical record belongs to the patient, patient medical records are the property of Lee Memorial Health System. Patient medical records are maintained in accordance with legal, accrediting, and regulatory requirements.

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What is a legal guardian, curator, or personal representative?
If the patient is deceased or lacks the capacity to consent, copies of patient records may be released, upon the written request to the patient's guardian, curator, or personal representative. The requester shall present proof of court appointment as guardian, curator, or personal representative. The existence of a personal representative means a person claiming to be the next of kin is not entitled to a copy of the patient record, unless the personal representative authorizes the release of the record, in writing, to the next of kin.

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What identification is required to obtain a medical record?
Prior to the release of patient medical information, the requesting party shall be required to provide proof of identification by providing picture identification.

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How do I get a copy of a patient's living will?
To obtain a copy of a patient's Living Will, the same requirements must be met as a guardian, curator, or personal representative.

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Who is considered next of kin?
If the patient is deceased, the patient's personal representative or the family member who stands in line of intestate (without a will) succession shall provide authorization.

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I used to be a patient at Lee Memorial Health System, but I have moved. How do I coordinate Out of State Transfers?
If you are out of the state of Florida and would like your medical records sent to your doctor, please send a letter requesting that your medical records be sent to your doctor, including the name of your physician, his/her address, phone number and fax number. Please include your full name, date of birth, date of discharge, address and phone number in case we need to contact you. You may print the Authorization of Release page or the PDF file, fill it out completely and mail it in.

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How do I obtain my child's medical records?
In general, the written authorization of a parent or guardian is required to release patient records of a minor; however, if a minor is authorized by law to consent to his/her medical treatment, parents are not entitled to the patient information and the minor is the appropriate person to provide authorization for the release of his or her medical records. Patient records of minors are otherwise governed by the same rules that apply to the release of adult patient medical records.

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How do I get a copy of my Radiology Film?
To obtain a copy of your X-Ray film, you must call the Radiology department directly.

Cape Coral Hospital: 239-424-2321
Gulf Coast Medical Center: 239-343-0118
HealthPark Medical Center: 239-343-6650
Lee Memorial Hospital: 239-343-2326

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