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Consistency Pays Off in Weight-Loss Battle

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The pounds didn t magically fall off her body. Hard workouts and healthy eating helped Punta Gorda resident Marlene Cruite, 58, lose 46 pounds and she s still losing.

I had been going to the gym for years, Marlene says, But it took a long time to realize how much food I was putting in my mouth. Marlene called Lee Health Solutions for help with her new weight loss plan and connected with dietitian Julie Stacey, who helped her measure portion sizes and create a plan that worked for her.

I had to take control of what I was eating, Marlene says. It wasn t difficult to make the changes. Marlene gave up the high-calorie snacks that often occupied the break room at work. Instead of reaching for a bagel with cream cheese, muffin, slice of pizza or pastries, she satisfied her snack cravings with pickles, carrots, cucumbers, fruit and sugarless gum.

Julie says she is proud of Marlene s weight-loss accomplishments, but not surprised with her success.

Marlene was a stress eater, which is extremely common, she says. We talked a lot about the importance of eating consistently, not skipping meals and portion control. We also talked about healthy eating.

Unlike many dieters, who reach plateaus in their weight-loss plan, Marlene continued to lose weight each week as she progressed through the program Julie helped her set up. She kept her food journal and she has maintained her weight loss, Julie says.

Now, Marlene s body mass index and percentage of body fat are in the normal range, eliminating the worry of other health risks, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Julie was a tremendous help, Marlene says. It was good to talk to her every week. We talked about portion sizes and what I should eat and she was always positive about my progress. I would recommend this program to anyone.

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“I had to take control of what I was eating,” Marlene says.”

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