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Medication Dispenser Assists Patients

The printed copy of the December Healthy News incorrectly states that a home health aide or nurse can load the medication dispenser and set the timer. A caregiver loads the machine and sets the timer. Home health aides and nurses do not load the machine or set the timer. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Medication Dispenser Assists Patients

Patients who take medication now have an extra tool that helps them take their pills at the prescribed times. A preloaded medication dispenser makes a sound and distributes medications when patients need them.

"Many patients who are on a lot of medications are easily confused," says Rabia Kahn, D.O. Dr. Khan works with a variety of patients, including those who are homebound and may not have someone living with them who can help them organize and take their medication.

"The caregiver loads the machine and sets the timer," Dr. Khan says. "Then, the machine sends a signal so patients don't forget to take their medication. It helps them take their medications correctly.

It helps prevent readmissions to the hospital because a lot of times, readmissions are the result of not taking medications or not taking them correctly."

The machine, which costs about $80 per month, is peace of mind for patients and family members. "It ensures that patients are getting the medications they need," Dr. Khan says. "It's less expensive than having a caregiver come in several times a day to give medication, and it gives patients confidence that they can manage their medications."

Patients who do not hear the machine or do not take the medication receive additional signals and if they still do not respond, the machine sends the pills to a holding area and alerts the nurse or caregiver whose phone number has been programmed into the machine.

"It helps people, particularly seniors who have several prescriptions or have memory issues, take the medication they need when they need it," Dr. Khan says. "It helps them stay healthier and assures their family that they are getting the correct dose

“"It ensures that patients are getting the medications they need, ”says Dr. Rabia Khan, D.O.”

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