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Short Overview of the American Psychological Association's (APA) and the Modern Language Association's (MLA) Rules for Writing Bibliographical Citations

What is a Bibliography?

 Bibliography (Greek bibliographia, “writing of books”), originally the writing or copying of books.  Over the centuries, the meaning of the word has evolved to “a list of books or other forms of written material, or the technique of compiling such a list”. A bibliography is a list of works, including books, journals, magazines, essays, Internet documents, newspaper articles, reference works, government documents, etc., on a particular subject.


There are certain types of information that are supplied in a bibliography, such as author(s), titles(s), edition(s), and dates and places of publication. Although there are several bibliographical formats, examples of the two major formats, American Psychological Association (APA) 5th edition and Modern Language Association (MLA) are provided. Be sure to check with your instructor to see which format is to be used.



Book: Single author


Clark, C., C. (2000). Integrating complementary health procedures into

      practice. New York: Springer Publishing Company. 


Clark, C., C. Integrating Complementary Health Procedures into Practice. 

      New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2000. 


Book: Two or more authors


Mindell, E., & Hopkins, V. (1998). Prescription alternatives. New Canaan,

      CT:  Keats Publishing Company.


Mindell, E., and V. Hopkins. Prescription Alternatives. New Canaan, CT:

      Keats Publishing Company, 1998.


Book: Second or later edition


Orem, D. (1980). Nursing: Concepts of practice, 2nd ed. New York:



Orem, D. Nursing: Concepts of Practice. 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill,



Book: Corporate author


American Nurses Association. (1987). Standards and scope of gerontological

     nursing practice. Kansas City: American Nurses Association.  


American Nurses Association. Standards and Scope of Gerontological

     Nursing Practice. Kansas City: American Nurses Association, 1987.  


Book: Anthology or compilation


Peterson, M., D. & White, D., L. (Eds.). (1989). Health care of the elderly:

     an information source book. Newbury Park, CA: SAGE.


Peterson, M., D., and D. L. White, eds. Health Care of the Elderly: An

    Information Source Book. Newbury Park, CA: SAGE, 1989.





Chapter in anthology or compilation


Brock, A. M. (1991). Economics of aging. In E. Murrow (Ed.), Perspectives

      on gerontological nursing (pp. 170). Newbury Park, CA: SAGE.


Brock, A. M. “Economics of Aging.” Perspectives on Gerontological

      Nursing. Ed. E. Murrow.  Newbury Park, CA: SAGE, 1991. 170.


Signed magazine article


Henry, W. A., III. (1990, April 9). Beyond the melting pot. Time, 135, 28-31.


Henry, W. A., III. “Beyond the Melting Pot.” Time 9 Apr. 1990: 28-31.


Unsigned magazine article


The decade of the spy. (1994, March 7). Newsweek, 26-27.


“The Decade of the Spy.” Newsweek 7 Mar. 1994: 26-27.


Journal article, continuous pagination


Corsello, S. (1998 Feb-Mar). The ideal clinic. Reversing lupus and diabetes.

      Alternative Medicine Digest, 22: 44-8, 51-3.


Corsello, S. “The Ideal Clinic. Reversing Lupus and Diabetes.” Alternative

      Medicine Digest 22 (1998): 44-8, 51-3.


Journal article, non-continuous pagination


 Huckstadt, A. A. (2002, Sep). The experience of hospitalized elderly

      patients.  Journal of  Gerontological Nursing, 28(9): 24-9.


Huckstadt, A. A. “The Experience of Hospitalized Elderly Patients.”  Journal

      of  Gerontological Nursing 28.9 (2002): 24-9.


Signed newspaper article


Schwartz, J. (1993, September 30). Obesity affects economic, social status.

      The Washington Post, pp. A1, A4.


Schwartz, J. “Obesity Affects Economic, Social Status.” The Washington

      Post 30 Sept. 1993: A1, A4.


Unsigned newspaper article


Nursing shortage targeted. (2001, November 14). Asbury Park Press,

       pp. C9, C12.


“Nursing Shortage Targeted.” Asbury Park Press 14 Nov. 2001: C9, C12.


Signed newspaper editorial


Blakeney, Barbara. (2003, July/August). ANA well-positioned to do the

      work of nursing [Editorial]. The American Nurse, p. 4.


Blakeney, Barbara. “ANA well-positioned to do the work of nursing.”

       Editorial. The American Nurse  July/August, 2003: 4.




Unsigned newspaper editorial


Hospitals resist reform, work new doctors too hard. (1998, May 28).

      [Editorial]. USA Today, p. A12.


“Hospitals Resist Reform, Work New Doctors Too Hard.” Editorial.

      USA Today 28 May 1998: A12.


Government publication


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (1998). New motor vehicles and

     new motor vehicle engines air pollution control” Voluntary Standards

    for light-duty vehicles. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office.


United States Environmental Protection Agency. New Motor Vehicles and

    New Motor Vehicle Engines Air Pollution Control: Voluntary Standards

    For Light-Duty Vehicles. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office,



Signed article in reference work


Fairbanks, V. (2001). Iron deficiency. In Williams Hematology (6th. ed).

     New York: McGraw Hill. [Chapter 38, pp. 447-470.]


Fairbanks, Virgil. “Iron Deficiency.” Williams Hematology. 6th. ed.

     New York: McGraw Hill, 2001.


Unsigned article in reference work


Emergency and trauma care. (1999). In Medical surgical nursing:Total

    patient care, 1999 (pp.517-555). St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby.


“Emergency and Trauma Care.”  Medical Surgical Nursing: Total

    Patient Care. St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby, 1999.


Personal interview


Rivera, J. (2000, March 24). [Personal interview].


Rivera, Julian. Personal interview. 24 Mar. 2000.


Letter or e-mail communication


Wodicka, K. ( (2003, October 2). 37th Biennial

    Convention Presider Information. E-mail to S. Torres



Wodicka, Kathy. E-mail to the author. 2 Oct. 2003.


Speech or lecture


Chan, Y.H. (2000, March 17). Water pollution. [Lecture]. In Geography 212:

     Environmental science. University of Florida.


Chan, Yi-Huang. Lecture on water pollution. Geography 212:

     Environmental Science. University of Florida 17 Mar. 2000.






Television program


Bradley, E. (Narrator). (1998, May 31). Crazy like a fox? In 60 minutes.

     New York: CBS.


“Crazy Like a Fox?” Narr. Ed Bradley. 60 Minutes. CBS. WCBS, New York.

     31,  May 1998.




Mock, F.L. (Director). (1995). Maya Lin: A strong clear vision [Film]. Santa

      Monica, CA: American Film Foundation.


“Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision.” Dir. Freida Lee Mock. Santa Monica:

      American Film Foundation, 1995.


CD-ROM publication


Roundy, R.W. (1994). Ethiopia. In Compton’s interactive encyclopedia

      (Version 2.01). Available:[CD-ROM]. Carlsbad, CA: Compton’s

      NewMedia, Inc.


Roundy, Robert W. “Ethiopia.” Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia.

     CD-ROM. Carlsbad, CA: Compton’s NewMedia, Inc., 1994.


World Wide Web document


Reuters Health. (1999,k October 26). Chinese herbal medicines gaining

     acceptance in West. Retrieved November 2, 1999 from


Reuters Health. “Chinese Herbal Medicines Gaining Acceptance in West.”

     2 Nov. 1999 [last update]. 26 Oct. 1999.



updated: November 4, 2009



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