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Previous Reading Assignments

Date: May 19, 2011

Required reading:

"Influence of Physical Restraint on Unplanned Extubation of Adult Intensive Care Patients: a Case-Control Study", by Li-Yin Change, et al., American Journal of Critical Care, Sept. 2008, vol. 17 (5), pp. 408-415 (Free full-text)


Date: April 8, 2011

Required reading:

"Favorable outcome in traumatic brain injury patients with impaired cerebral pressure autoregulation when treated at low cerebral perfusion pressure levels", by U. Johnson, et al., Neurosurgery, March 2011, vol. 68 (3), pp. 714-21; discussion: 721-2 (available from the facilitator)

Date: February 18, 2011

Required reading:

"The Early Second Hit in Trauma Management Augments the Proinflammatory Immune Response to Multiple Injuries", by Sven K. Tschoeke, et al, The Journal of Trauma, June 2007, vol. 62 (6), pp. 1396-1404. (available at ProQuest)

Date: January 2011

Required reading:

"A systematic approach to care: adult respiratory distress syndrome", by K. J. George, Journal of Trauma Nursing, Jan-March 2008, vol. 15 (1), pp. 19-22; quiz 23-24. (available at ProQuest)

Date: December 4, 2008

Required reading:

"Managing wound pain with vacuum-assisted closure devices", by Dr. Kasner, Ostomy/Wound Management, May 2002, vol. 48 (5), pp. 38-43.

Date: September 30, 2008

Required reading:

"Prevention of secondary brain injury following head trauma", by N. Cowley and E. daSilva, Trauma, 2008, vol. 10, pp. 35-42.

Date: April 22, 2008

Required reading:

"Interinstitutional and intrainstitutional transmission of a strain of Acinetobacter baumannii detected by molecular analysis: comparison of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and repetitive sequence-based polymarease chain reaction", by S. Saeed, et al., Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Sep. 2006, vol. 27 (9), pp. 981-983. (available at OVID)

Date: February 20, 2008

Required reading:

"Characteristics associated with unplanned extubations in a surgical intensive care unit", by K. Curry, et al., American Journal of Clinical Care, 2008, vol. 19 (1), p. 45.

Date: April 26, 2006

Required reading:

"Delirium in mechanically ventilated patients: validity and reliability of confusion assessment method for intensive care unit (CAM-ICU)", by E. Wesly Ely, et al., Journal of American Medical Association, December 5, 2001, vol. 286 (21), p. 2703.

Date: February 20, 2006

Required reading:

"Medication errors involving continuously infused medications in a surgical intensive care unit", by P. M. Herout and B. L. Erstad, Critical Care Medicine, 2004, vol. 32 (2), pp. 428-432. (available at MD Consult)

Date: October 3, 2005

Required reading:

"Frequency of oral care and positioning of patients in critical care: a replication study", by S. K. Hannenman and M. Gusick; American Journal of Critical Care, September 2005, vol. 14 (5), p. 378.

updated: June 13, 2011

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