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Palliative Care Evidence-Based Research

Journal Club


Target Audience: All Lee Memorial Health System nurses and interdisciplinary professionals

Purpose: The palliative care journal club meets online quarterly to critically review articles selected from current palliative literature to enhance the clinical care and learning experience for clinicians who provide care to individuals with chronic and life limiting conditions.

Educational Objectives:

   To encourage active and critical analysis of palliative care literature and opportunity for discussion of relevant findings to enhance the comfort and quality of a patientís life

    To stimulate discussion and reflection on clinical practice to enhance the growth of the interdisciplinary clinicians in a supportive environment

    To facilitate the sharing of evidence based research with other healthcare providers

    To apply the medical evidence to the care of the seriously/critically ill.


Desired Outcomes: To maintain a stimulating, educational and sustainable journal club that assists participants to stay up to date with literature and to apply the medical evidence to the care of the seriously/critically ill.


Format: Online/Internet - Interdisciplinary (open to all clinical disciplines).


Frequency of meetings: Quarterly (Mar. Jun. Sep. Dec.)


Place: Online/Internet


Reading Assignment: The journal article for each quarterly meeting will be available by the first business day of the month quarterly. Topics of interest may be requested by email:


    A link to the recommended article for review will be posted on the Medical Library Web Page - Journal Club

    Optional forms are included for participants and facilitators

    One (1) contact hour will be provided for each Journal Club Meeting upon completion of reading assignment (application has been made)


Lolita Melhado, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, Qlife/Palliative Care

Karen Washburn, ACSW, Director, Qlife/ Palliative Care

Andrew Esch, MD, Medical Director Qlife/Palliative Care

Facilitators will be assigned quarterly to select the article for review and lead the journal discussion. If you would like to facilitate an article and questions for discussion please contact


updated: May 26, 2011


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