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The Clinical Practice Council (CPC) is the driving force behind decision making for Lee Health nursing and direct patient care. The CPC works with senior nursing leadership, nursing education, and other patient care departments to ensure patient safety and facilitate optimal patient outcomes.

The CPC is comprised of nurses from every practice area in the organization. The council meets monthly to discuss nursing practice, standards, procedures, and policies. The CPC serves as a decision-making body on issues related to the practice of nursing and patient care.  Representatives from the CPC also sit on every major committee that impacts bedside nursing care at Lee Health.

We achieve excellence in nursing by identifying issues in patient care, developing solutions, and overcoming barriers to facilitate implementation of necessary change. Problems are discussed, voted on, and corrected. Changes occur by reviewing current literature, compiling relevant data, and submitting formal recommendations to senior nursing leadership for final approval. Chaired by a staff nurse and unanimously supported by nursing leadership, the CPC has the voice, accountability, and power to define nursing practice at Lee Health.

Lee Health supports and values staff nurses, recognizing them as important patient care decision makers. Because our Patient Care Division attracts and retains the highest quality nurses, we are able to achieve excellence in nursing care.

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Last update: 6/27/2016

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