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Clinical Coaches are assigned to new staff members once they complete hospital orientation. These are specially trained fellow staff nurses whose role is to assist you through the entire orientation program.

Clinical Coaches have educational opportunities to develop their role and ensure your smooth transition within the system.

Your Clinical Coach will help with the following:

  • Review and validate unit specific and high risk/frequency skills.  We realize that it's sometimes challenging to learn how things are done when you are a new employee and we want you to come aboard with the least amount of stress.

  • Review critical thinking and interpersonal skills in the clinical setting.  We want you to be your very best, so we give you the support that you need from the beginning.

  • Help keep communication open between you and your manager.  Your Clinical Coach will assist you and your manager to work together to reach your orientation goals.

  • Implementation of your PBDS Action Plan.  An organized, personal orientation supports your transition to Lee Health.

Last update: 6/27/2016


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