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How does Lee Health support it's nurses?

We support our nurses in a variety of ways, with economic, educational and personal benefits.

Our Human Resources website outlines the economic benefits we offer employees such as paid time off, tuition reimbursement and on-site day care centers, to name a few.

Education is a priority here at Lee Health. Beginning with hospital orientation and continuing seamlessly through the development of individualized orientation programs for each nurse, our leaders and Clinical Educators work together to support all of our employees.

Our nurses are supported in another way that can't be measured in dollars or given a grade. We value every single employee as an integral member of the healthcare team. Our leadership recognizes the vital role that nurses play in integrating compassion and caring into the technological world of healthcare. We also know that it is the staff nurse making sound decisions based on clinical evidence that enables a good health care system to become an excellent system. We practice what we preach.  Come see our nurses in action.

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Last update: 6/27/2016

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