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Our philosophy of nursing is driven by and supportive of the mission, vision and values of Lee Health. We believe that the provision of highly skilled, competent and compassionate nursing care is essential to fulfill the Lee Health commitment to excellence in clinical practice, theory, research and community outreach.

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses, American Nurses Association Social Policy Statement, The Nurse Practice Act of the State of Florida and other regulatory and professional nursing standards provide the cornerstone of our nursing practice and patient care.

We believe that professional nursing is both an art and a science. It is a dynamic process based upon a combination of knowledge, skills and the provision of care that incorporate the professional values of respect, dignity, integrity, creativity, intellectual curiosity and commitment to excellence. The discipline of nursing is grounded in nursing theory and provides a unique contribution in disease and injury prevention, health promotion, maintenance and restoration, and support of patients and their families throughout their life span.

Nursing and interdisciplinary research, as well outcome based quality improvement initiatives form the basis for professional nursing practice. We strive to improve the quality of patient outcomes, refine the delivery of patient care and develop our model for evidence based nursing practice. We promote peer review as a means to further enhance our professional growth and development.

We recognize that each nurse has the individual authority, responsibility and accountability to provide excellent care in clinical practice and patient management. We believe that we have the responsibility to provide individualized, quality patient and family care in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We recognize that as professional nurses, we have both rights and responsibilities. Among these are the right and responsibility to participate in decisions that impact nursing practice and patient care. We have the right to equality of treatment regardless of our age, lifestyle, ethnic, financial, religious or social status.

We believe in creating a model climate for nursing practice and patient care. In this climate we care for all of our colleagues who are charged with the responsibility for patient care. We believe that an ethical, supportive and nurturing environment is essential to our nursing practice and delivery of patient care. We respect and value the ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs of our diverse health care team.

We recognize that our practice is enhanced in a decentralized, professional environment that supports participative decision making, creativity, innovation and autonomy in nursing practice. Nursing excellence is achieved through a commitment to life-long learning and professional advancement, as well as the integration of research and theory into nursing practice. We are committed to professional and community involvement to foster our personal and professional growth.

We believe our patients and their families receive optimum health care in a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among all members of the health care team. It is through this interdisciplinary environment that we recognize, value and respect the contributions of all members of the health care team in the provision of patient care. Our interdisciplinary model of care places the professional nurse as the leader of the health care team in close communication with members of the medical staff.

As patient advocates, we respect the human rights of all of our patients. We recognize that all patients have the right to equality of care regardless of their ethnicity, age, finances, social status, lifestyle or religion. We support patient rights to self-determination. We believe that patients have the right to participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of their care. We believe patients have the right to confidentiality, privacy and informed consent regarding their care and treatment. We respect the rights and sensitivities of the religious, ethnic and cultural belief of our diverse patient community.

We are committed to partnering with patients and their families to provide needed knowledge and skills to promote self-care and the highest state of wellness whenever possible. We ensure comprehensive patient care and services across the continuum through partnering with professional colleagues and members of our community.

Last update:  6/27/2016

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