Barry Crandall's Story

Bypass Surgery in August, Road Trip in September

Warning Signs

A couple of days of heartburn, some jaw pain and tingling in the hands worried Barry Crandall's wife, Judy, more than it worried him. A generally healthy man and not one for complaining, Judy thought something was wrong so she went to the Internet to research. She believed his symptoms were related to his heart and convinced him to go to the Emergency Department. At the ED, Barry suffered a heart attack.

"I was surprised," Barry says. "I really thought my symptoms were work-related. Really, other than being a little more tired than usual, I felt fine."

Bypass by da Vinci

After the heart attack, a surgeon inserted stents in two of his arteries. Physicians in the cardiac unit thought Barry was a great candidate for da Vinci robotic surgery to repair his twisted arteries.

Paul DiGiorgi, M.D., cardiothoracic surgeon, performed the robotic bypass surgery.

"I'm amazed at how small my scar is," Barry says. "I have friends who have had bypass surgery and have massive scars. And, compared to my friends, my recovery time was so quick. I was in the hospital about three days before I was discharged. I was back to work and back on my Harley one month later."

Road to Recovery

Right before his heart attack, Barry and Judy had a vacation planned with some friends. "We were going to go to North Carolina and Tennessee to ride the 'tail of the dragon'—a highway with 318 twists and one of the places all bikers visit or want to visit. Even though we didn't make it there, being able to get back on my bike so quickly after my surgery meant a lot because if I'm not working, then I'm riding my Harley."