Estelle Lizotte's Story

A Tumor Dominated My Lifeā€¦.Now, I'm in Control

Involuntary Movements, Uncertain Cause

As an avid golfer, Estelle Lizotte is used to encountering nature. She thought a bug flew into her face when she felt an odd sensation while on the driving range. Instead, the slight facial tic was the beginning of a series of unusual health events.

"My body was not acting properly," Estelle says. "My left arm started moving involuntarily, then my left leg. Then, my jaws locked."

Estelle had several medical tests, none of which were conclusive. She also was treated for an abscessed tooth as a possible cause for her condition. "I had hoped that would fix everything," Estelle says.

However, the treatments did not resolve the facial tics and odd arm and leg movements. Weeks later her condition became serious when she collapsed at the dinner table. Her husband called emergency services and they responded quickly, rushing Estelle to Lee Memorial Hospital. Once there, staff members performed a CAT scan on Estelle's brain. Neurosurgeon Dean Lin, M.D., reviewed the results of the tests, and detected a brain tumor on the right side of her brain.

A Return to Normal

"The tumor she had was affecting her movements," Dr. Lin says. "I knew that by removing the tumor we could offer her relief. Leaving the tumor in place was not an option."

By removing the tumor, Dr. Lin eliminated Estelle's involuntary body movements and seizures.

"She had a fantastic outcome," Dr. Lin says. "That's always the aspiration I have for my patients. I wanted her to return to her normal activities and she has been able to do that. Our goal is always to help patients recover to their fullest potential. Estelle now has no obvious signs that she went through such a life-altering event."

A Winning Attitude

Within weeks after surgery Estelle returned to cross stitching and her favorite sport, golf. She won a tournament shortly after returning home.

"I couldn't wait to get back out on the golf course," Estelle says. "I feel terrific and nothing slows me down. I feel so blessed."