Sandra Hodgson's Story

Royal Treatment for Common Back Pain

A Wii War Wound

On Christmas Day 2010, Sandra Hodgson was exercising and playing games with her grandchildren on the Nintendo Wii. The 65-year-old was eager to keep up with the kids, but by the following day, she could hardly move.

"The pain just continued to get worse as the days went by," Sandra says. "I knew I needed to see a doctor."

Sandra was prescribed narcotics for the pain. When the medication didn't help, her physician sent Sandra to the Outpatient Center at the Sanctuary for X-rays and an MRI of her spine. The tests showed damage to the fourth, fifth and sixth vertebrae in her lower back, so she sought the help of Reggie Augusthy, D.O., interventional physiatrist at Lee Memorial Health System's Spine Center, also located at the Sanctuary.

The Spine Center

"From the moment I walked in the door to the Spine Center, I was treated like royalty," says Sandra. "The receptionist was very caring. Paige Prather, Dr. Augusthy's medical assistant, was a sweetheart as well."

When it came time for Sandra to receive a steroid injection into her spine, Hope Spence, the radiology technologist rubbed Sandra's back to calm her down. "That really put me at ease," Sandra says. "I'm a major wimp when it comes to shots or any type of medical procedure, but Dr. Augusthy explained everything he was doing, so nothing came as a surprise."

The Lehigh Acres resident was pleased that she did not have to travel far. "It was so convenient. I never had to leave the building for the injection, X-rays or my appointments with Dr. Augusthy."

A Great Experience

As Sandra recovered from the injection, the Spine Center staff checked on her frequently, giving her water and refreshments to help her feel normal as quickly as possible.

"Not only was I treated like a person instead of a number, I actually had a great experience," Sandra says. "I will remember those friendly faces for a long time."

Sandra does not need surgery, and has been pain-free since the injections. Her friends and family often tease her for being extremely honest, and Sandra says she would be the first to complain if her experience had been anything less than exceptional.