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Physician Leadership Council

   William B. Hearn, D.O.

      Thomas G. Presbrey, M.D.
      Vice Chairman

 Douglas G. Brust, M.D.
LMH FMEC President


M. Erick Burton, M.D.
HPMC FMEC President
 William J. Carracino Jr., M.D.
LMH Member-at-Large
Alan B. Claunch, M.D.
CCH FMEC President




Daniel de la Torre, M.D. 
LMH Member-at-Large & System Quality Chairman
      James S. Gostigian, M.D.
      LMH Member-at-Large
Larry A. Hobbs, M.D.
GCMC Member-at-Large &
 Emergency Medicine 

Dr. George Kalemeris, 239-275-1164
Dr. Brian A. Krivisky, 239-936-2316
Charles M. Homolka, M.D.
 GCMC FMEC President
George S. Kalemeris, M.D.
 HPMC Member-at-Large & Pathology
Brian A. Krivisky, M.D.
GCMC Member-at-Large & Radiology

Lawrence D. Leigh, M.D. 
GCMC FMEC President Elect

Craig A. MacArthur, M.D. 

Kurt W. Markgraf, M.D.
LMH FMEC President Elect &


Dr. Yanet Rios, 239-343-5651
Sagar K. Naik, M.D.
CCH Member-at_Large & Intensivist
Anthony Pietroniro, M.D.
GCHSWFL President Elect
Yanet Rios, M.D.
 GCHSWFL Member-at-Large & Hospitalist



Raymond Santucci, M.D.
HPMC FMEC President Elect

Douglas F. Savage, M.D.
 System Cred./Priv.
Sumeet V. Shetty, M.D.
 GCMC Member-at-Large & Hospitalist

  Ex-officio Members and Stafff    
  Larry Antonucci, M.D., Chief Operating Officer
  Daniel de la Torre, M.D., System Quality Chairman
  Board Liaison
  Lori Fermanich, Director, Medical Staff Administrative Services
  Mark A. Greenberg, M.D., VP Medical Affairs
  Marilyn Kole, M.D., VP Clinical Transformation, Clinical & Quality Services
  Chuck Krivenko, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
  Mary McGillicuddy, Chief Legal Officer
  James Nathan, Chief Executive Officer
  Scott Nygaard, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
  Douglas Savage, M.D., System Credentialing/Privileging Co-Chairman
  Mike Smith, Chief Information Officer


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