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January Tips of the Month: Skateboards

According to the CPSC more than 104,000 persons were treated in hospital emergency rooms for skateboard related injuries. Sprains, fractures, contusions and abrasions were the most common types of injuries. Deaths due to collisions with cars and from falls also were reported. Most of the emergency room reported injuries were to adolescents and young adults.

Before riding, skateboarders should screen the area where they will be riding by checking for holes, bumps, rocks and any debris. Areas set aside especially for skateboarding generally have smoother riding surfaces. Skateboarding in the street can result in collisions with cars causing serious injury and even death.

Before using your skateboard check it for hazards, such as loose, broken, or cracked parts; sharp edges on metal boards; slippery top surface; and wheels with nicks and cracks. A qualified repair technician should correct serious defects.

Protective Gear
Protective gear, such as helmets, wrists guards, elbow and kneepads, are recommended because they can reduce the number and severity of injuries.

Tips for using a skateboard:

  • Never ride in the street.

  • Don't take chances: complicated tricks require careful practice and a specially designed area.

  • Only one person per skateboard.

  • Never grab onto a car, bus, truck, motorcycle or bicycle.

  • Learning how to fall helps reduce your chances of being seriously injured.

  • If you are losing your balance, crouch down on the skateboard so that you will not have so far to fall. In a fall, try to land on the fleshy parts of your body. If you fall, try to roll rather than absorb the force with your arms even though it may be difficult. During a fall, try to relax your body rather than stiffen.


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