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January Tips of the Month: Skates

Skate But Skate Safely
The CPSC estimates that approximately 100,000 consumers annually receive hospital emergency room treatment for injuries associated with in-line skates. Most injuries were to wrists, arms and legs.

Safety tips for in-line skates:

  • Wear a helmet, elbow pads, kneepads, wrist guards and gloves.

  • Learn to stop safely. Skate on smooth, paved surfaces without any traffic.

  • Avoid skating at night.

  • Skaters should get instruction.

  • Learn to stop safely by using the brake pads at the heel of most in-line skates. With one foot somewhat in front of the other, raise the toes of the front foot and push down on the heel brake.

  • Avoid skating on streets, driveways or surfaces with water, sand, gravel, or dirt.

  • Do not skate at night-others can't see you and you can't see obstacles or other skaters.


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