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October Tips of the Month: Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting time of year for children. They get to dress up and get free candy. Children are more prone to accidents and injuries at this time of year. The excitement of the holiday can make them forget to be careful.

Review basic everyday safety with your children -- such as:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street (left, right, left).

  • Never talk to strangers or get in their car.

  • Do not enter a house where you do not know the people.

  • Let your children know not to cut through back alleys or fields.

  • Stay in populated places -- don't go off the beaten path.

  • Plan a safe route so you will know where your older kids will be.

  • Set a time for their return home.

  • Make sure children are old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves.

  • Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult.


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