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September Tips of the Month: Safeguards in the Home
  • Avoid clutter on the floor.

  • Remove slippery throw rugs.

  • Keep walkways clear of furniture and cords.

  • Keep drawers and cupboard doors closed.

  • Have railings installed on all stairways inside and outside.

  • Make sure stairways are well lit.

  • Keep stairs free of clutter.

  • Avoid highly waxed or wet floors.

  • Avoid thick carpeting.

  • Install grab bars in the bathtub and near the toilet.

  • Use non-skid rugs in the bathroom.

  • Keep frequently used items accessible on lower shelves.

  • Use a cane or walker.

  • If you are unsteady on your feet or have occasional dizziness, do not get up quickly from the bed or chair -- take your time, hurrying causes falls.

  • Add lightning in shadowy areas.

  • Use night lights after dark with auto on/off.


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