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How Much Does Lee Memorial Health System Charge for Health Care Services?

Gaining an understanding of hospital charges is a difficult process. There are a number of factors which greatly influence what each hospital charges, such as: the range of services a hospital provides, the severity of illness of the patients it treats and the amount of uncompensated care it provides to its patients.

Lee Memorial Health System (LMHS) is the community leader in consumer confidence and trust. We also strive to be the leader in providing value to our patients. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality care at the most reasonable prices with outstanding customer service. Click on the links below to find out about charges for the various health care procedures offered at LMHS.

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Comparative Charges for Healthcare Services (Pricing)

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We also believe that it is important for you to understand how each dollar of billed charges is spent at LMHS.

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LMHS is a non-profit, community-owned health system and as such is required to reinvest any budget surplus back into the organization to improve the level of services provided to the community.

LMHS has served the citizens of Lee County and the surrounding communities since 1916. LMHS is the leading provider of health care in Southwest Florida.

When comparing charges with other hospitals or provider practices, it is important to understand their charges may or may not include both the hospital and the doctor or other provider services. Average charges are estimates; your out-of-pocket expense will depend on your individual insurance coverage (such as co-insurance or deductibles).

The services you receive from LMHS are based on your individual need and medical condition as prescribed by your physician. Actual charges will vary based on services delivered and medical condition. Additional tests or services not listed in the estimate may be ordered by your doctor, in order to treat, diagnose or care for your individual needs.


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