Admission Criteria

Criteria for Admission to Inpatient Rehabilitation

Rehab Walker

The Rehabilitation Hospital is not just a place to recover, it is a place for patients to work to achieve their highest level of physical, social and cognitive independence within the community. Because we wish all of our patients to take an active part in their recovery, there are criteria on admission to the Rehabilitation Hospital.

Each member of your team is trained to work closely with you and your family to further your recovery process at the Rehabilitation Hospital. Your care will be coordinated by an attending physician and discussed frequently by the team through team meetings. In addition, family conferences will be scheduled as needed to maximize family involvement and address care management issues once discharged from The Rehabilitation Hospital.

Need for continued close medical supervision by a physician with specialized training or experience in rehabilitation.
The intensity may not be as great as acute care but 24 hour availability of a physician with special training or experience in the field of rehabilitation is required. The physician may also ask for a Psychologist to be consulted on the case based on assessed needs.

Twenty-four hour rehabilitation nursing is needed.
A Rehabilitation Registered Nurse develops and monitors the nursing plan of care. Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants provide nursing care on average 9-10 nursing man-hours per patient per day.

Ability to benefit from a relatively intense level of rehabilitation services.
The intensity level is based on an individual patient's assessed needs and stamina. The two therapy disciplines involved are Physical and Occupational therapy but may also include Speech Language Pathology, and other skilled rehabilitative modalities as needed. Therapy intensity is focused on providing at least three hours a day, five or more days a week.

An interdisciplinary team provides a coordinated program of care.
An interdisciplinary team provides a coordinated program of care with the prospect of significant practical improvement towards realistic goals.

What Your Stay Will Be Like

  • 6:30am - 7:45am: Grooming & dressing
  • 7:45am: Breakfast
  • 7am - Noon: Therapy sessions as scheduled
  • Noon - 1:00pm: Rest & Lunch
  • 1:00pm - 6:00pm: Therapy sessions as scheduled
  • 5:15pm - 6:30pm: Dinner
  • After Dinner: Rest & planned activities
  • Pet Therapy, Religious Services & Art Activities are also available
  • Usually 3 hrs of therapy per day is scheduled

Contact Us

The Rehabilitiation Hospital

Lee memorial Hospital

  • 2776 Cleveland Ave.
  • Medical Office Center
  • 5th and 6th Floor
  • Fort Myers, FL 33901
  • T: 239-343-3900
  • F: 239-343-3144


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