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The Rehabilitation Team

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The Rehabilitation team includes a wide range of professionals specializing in rehabilitation medicine.

Each member of your team is trained to work closely with you and your family to further your recovery process at the Rehabilitation Hospital. Your care will be coordinated by an attending physician and discussed frequently by the team through team meetings. In addition, family conferences will be scheduled as needed to maximize family involvement and address care management issues once discharged from The Rehabilitation Hospital.

Attending Physician

The physician, who is either a physiatrist (rehabilitation medicine) or a neurologist, will provide medical management and coordinate your rehabilitation program provided by the treatment team.

Care Manager

Your care manager will help you and your family cope with the recovery process, as well as understand your rehabilitation program. The care manager serves as your liaison among your team of treatment professionals, your family, your insurance carrier, and resources in the community.


The nurses and nursing assistants provide direct personal care. Using the nursing process the nurse is responsible for planning the nursing care necessary in your rehabilitation program. Your nurse also shares a key role in patient and family education.

Physical Therapist

The physical therapist will help you develop strength, endurance and coordination to improve your function. You will work with your therapist to become more independent with bed mobility, wheelchair mobility and, if appropriate, walking.

Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist works to coordinate your physical and mental abilities with the activities of daily living. Your therapist will teach you special skills and if needed, provide adaptive equipment to allow you to be as independent as possible in your self-care. The therapist will also work with you if you have any problems with sensation, coordination, balance, thinking, and visual perception.

Speech/Language Pathologist

Communication, swallowing, and thinking are skills our speech/language pathologist address. Difficulties in these areas may affect all other areas of your rehabilitation. Through practice, teaching new techniques and strategies, our speech/language pathologist can help you improve your communications.


Your dietitian is responsible for evaluating, developing and implementing a plan to meet your nutritional needs. Nutrition is a very important part of your recovery process.


A psychologist or neuropsychologist may be asked to see you by your attending physician. By concentrating on your psychological needs, the psychologist may contribute to your rehabilitation program. Through psychological testing and counseling, you and your family will better understand the type of injury that you have sustained. As you continue through your recovery, this professional may be working with you in the area of thinking and behavioral retraining.

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